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GSR 2015

RENEWABLES 2015 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT 9 REN21 facilitates the collection of comprehensive and timely information on renewable energy. This information reflects diverse viewpoints from both private and public sector actors, serving to dispel myths about renewable energy and to catalyse policy change. It does this through six product lines. Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) First released in 2005, REN21's Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) has grown to become a truly collaborative effort, drawing on an international network of over 500 authors, contributors, and reviewers. Today it is the most frequently referenced report on renewable energy market, industry, and policy trends. Regional Reports These reports detail the renewable energy developments of a particular region; their production also supports regional data collection processes and informed decision making. Renewables Interactive Map The Renewables Interactive Map is a research tool for tracking the development of renewable energy worldwide. It comple- ments the perspectives and findings of REN21’s Global and Regional Status Reports by providing continually updated market and policy information as well as providing detailed, exportable country profiles. Global Future Reports (GFR) REN21 produces reports that illustrate the credible possibilities for the future of renewables within particular thematic areas. Renewables Academy The REN21 Renewables Academy provides an opportunity for lively exchange among the growing community of REN21 contributors. It offers a venue to brainstorm on future-orientated policy solutions and allows participants to actively contribute on issues central to a renewable energy transition. The next REN21 Renewables Academy will take place in autumn 2016. International Renewable Energy Conferences (IRECs) The International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) is a high-level political conference series. Dedicated exclusively to the renewable energy sector, the biennial IREC is hosted by a national government and convened by REN21. SAIREC 2015 will be held in South Africa on 4–7 October 2015. Global Status Report on Local Renewable Energy Policies 2011 Global Futures Report MENA Renewable Energy Status Report ADIREC, Abu Dhabi International Renewable Energy Conference First REN21 Renewables Academy, Bonn SAIREC, South Africa International Renewable Energy Conference 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 ECOWAS Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report SADC and UNECE Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Reports EAC Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report Second REN21 Renewables Academy 20122013201420152016

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