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GSR 2015

158 REFERENCE TABLES HEAT-RELATED MANDATES Amsterdam, Netherlands District heating for at least 200,000 houses by 2040 (using biogas, woody biomass, and waste heat) Chandigarh, India Mandatory use of solar water heating in industries, hotels, hospitals, prisons, canteens, housing complexes, and government and residential buildings as of 2013 Loures, Portugal Solar thermal systems mandated as of 2013 in all sports facilities and schools that have good sun exposure Munich, Germany 80% reduction of heat demand by 2058 (base 2009) through passive solar design (includes heat, process heat, and water heating) Nantes, France Extend the district heating system to source heat from biomass boilers for half of city inhabitants by 2017 Vienna, Austria 50% of total heat demand with solar thermal energy by 2050 TABLE R19. CITY AND LOCAL RENEWABLE ENERGY POLICIES: SELECTED EXAMPLES (continued) Note: Table R19 provides a sample of local renewable energy commitments worldwide. It does not aim to present a comprehensive picture of all municipal renewable energy goals. Source: See Endnote 19 for this section. BACK

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