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GSR 2015

156 REFERENCE TABLES COUNTRY MANDATE Angola E10 Argentina E10 and B10 Australia State: E6 and B2 in New South Wales; E5 in Queensland Belgium E4 and B4 Brazil E27.5 and B7 Canada National: E5 and B2 Provincial: E5 and B2 in Alberta; E5 and B4 in British Columbia; E8.5 and B2 in Manitoba; E5, B2, and B3 by 2016 in Ontario; E7.5 and B2 in Saskatchewan China E10 in nine provinces Colombia E8 Costa Rica E7 and B20 Ecuador B5 Ethiopia E10 Guatemala E5 India E5 Indonesia E3 and B5 Italy 0.6% advanced biofuels blend by 2018; 1% by 2022 Jamaica E10 Malaysia B5 Mozambique E10 in 2012–2015; E15 in 2016–2020; E20 from 2021 Norway B3.5 Panama E7; E10 by April 2016 Paraguay E25 and B1 Peru E7.8 and B2 Philippines E10 and B2; B5 in 2015 South Africa E2 and E5 as of October 2015 South Korea B2; B2.5 by August 2015; B3 by 2018 Sudan E5 Thailand E5 and B5 Turkey E2 Ukraine E5; E7 by 2017 United States National: The Renewable Fuels Standard 2 (RFS2) requires 136 billion litres (36 billion gallons) of renewable fuel to be blended annually with transport fuel by 2022. The RFS for 2013 was reduced 49.21 billion litres (13 billion gallons). State: E10 in Hawaii; E2 and B2 in Louisiana; B5 in Massachusetts; E20 and B10 in Minnesota; E10 in Missouri and Montana; B5 in New Mexico; E10 and B5 in Oregon; B2 one year after 200 million gallons, and B20 one year after 400 million gallons in Pennsylvania; E2 and B2, increasing to B5 180 days after in-state feedstock, and oil-seed crushing capacity can meet 3% requirement in Washington. Uruguay E5 and B5 Vietnam E5 Zimbabwe E5, to be raised to E10 and E15 (no date given) TABLE R18. NATIONAL AND STATE / PROVINCIAL BIOFUEL BLEND MANDATES Note: ‘E’ refers to bioethanol and ‘B’ refers to biodiesel. Chinese provincial mandates include Anhui, Heilongjian, Henan, Jilin, and Liaoning. Chile has targets of E5 and B5 but has no current blending mandate. The Dominican Republic has targets of B2 and E15 for 2015 but has no current blending mandate. Fiji approved voluntary B5 and E10 blending in 2011 with a mandate expected. Mexico has a pilot E2 mandate in the city of Guadalajara. Nigeria has a target of E10 but no current blending mandate. Table R18 lists only biofuel blend mandates; transport and biofuel targets can be found in Table R15. Source: See Endnote 18 for this section. BACK

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