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GSR 2015

175RENEWABLES 2015 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT NAME BRIEF DESCRIPTION Scaling Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries (SREP) A Strategic Climate Fund (SCF) programme that was established to expand renewable energy markets and scale up renewables’ deployment in the world’s poorest countries. It initially piloted in Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Liberia, the Maldives, Mali, Nepal, and Tanzania, and added 14 additional countries in 2014. SNV Netherlands Development Organisation – Biogas Practice A multi-actor sector development approach that supports the preparation and implementation of national biogas programmes throughout the world. In co-operation with its partners, SNV had installed 579,000 biogas plants in 18 developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America by end-2013 (with 74,000 in 2013 alone). Sustainable Energy for All Initiative (SE4ALL) A global initiative of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with three objectives for 2030: achieving universal access to electricity and clean cooking solutions; doubling the share of the world’s energy supplied by renewable sources; and doubling the rate of improvement in energy efficiency. Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) A fund administered by the African Development Bank and anchored by a Danish government commitment of USD 57 million to support small- and medium-scale clean energy and energy efficiency projects in Africa through grants for technical assistance and capacity building, investment capital, and guidance. TABLE R23. PROGRAMMES FURTHERING ENERGY ACCESS: SELECTED EXAMPLES (continued) BACK

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