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GSR 2015 - Top Five Countries Table

20 TOP FIVE COUNTRIES 1 Countries considered include only those covered by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF); GDP (at purchasers' prices) and population data for 2013 and all from World Bank. BNEF data include the following: all biomass, geothermal, and wind generation projects of more than 1 MW; all hydropower projects of between 1 and 50 MW; all solar power projects, with those less than 1 MW estimated separately and referred to as small-scale projects or small distributed capacity; all ocean energy projects; and all biofuel projects with an annual production capacity of 1 million litres or more. 2 Solar water collector (heating) rankings are for 2013 and are based on capacity of water (glazed and unglazed) collectors only; including air collectors would affect the order of capacity added, placing the United States slightly ahead of Germany rather than in sixth place, and would not affect the order of top countries for total capacity or per capita. 3 Per capita renewable power capacity ranking considers only those countries that place among the top 20 worldwide for total installed renewable power capacity, not including hydropower. Several other countries, including Austria, Finland, Ireland, and New Zealand, also have high per capita levels of non-hydro renewable power capacity, with Iceland likely the leader among all countries. 4 Country rankings for hydropower capacity and generation differ because some countries rely on hydropower for baseload supply whereas others use it more to follow the electric load and to match peaks in demand. 5 Not including heat pumps. Note: Most rankings are based on absolute amounts of investment, power generation capacity or output, or biofuels production; if done on a per capita, national GDP, or other basis, the rankings would be quite different for many categories (as seen with per capita rankings for renewable power, solar PV, wind, and solar water collector capacity). 1 2 3 4 5 Investment in renewable power and fuels (not including hydro > 50 MW) China United States Japan United Kingdom Germany Investment in renewable power and fuels per unit GDP1 Burundi Kenya Honduras Jordan Uruguay Geothermal power capacity Kenya Turkey Indonesia Philippines Italy Hydropower capacity China Brazil Canada Turkey India Solar PV capacity China Japan United States United Kingdom Germany CSP capacity United States India – – – Wind power capacity China Germany United States Brazil India Solar water heating capacity2 China Turkey Brazil India Germany Biodiesel production United States Brazil Germany Indonesia Argentina Fuel ethanol production United States Brazil China Canada Thailand ANNUAL INVESTMENT / NET CAPACITY ADDITIONS / PRODUCTION IN 2014 1 2 3 4 5 POWER Renewable power (incl. hydro) China United States Brazil Germany Canada Renewable power (not incl. hydro) China United States Germany Spain / Italy Japan / India Renewable power capacity per capita (among top 20, not including hydro3 ) Denmark Germany Sweden Spain Portugal Biopower generation United States Germany China Brazil Japan Geothermal power capacity United States Philippines Indonesia Mexico New Zealand Hydropower capacity4 China Brazil United States Canada Russia Hydropower generation4 China Brazil Canada United States Russia Concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) Spain United States India United Arab Emirates Algeria Solar PV capacity Germany China Japan Italy United States Solar PV capacity per capita Germany Italy Belgium Greece Czech Republic Wind power capacity China United States Germany Spain India Wind power capacity per capita Denmark Sweden Germany Spain Ireland HEAT Solar water collector capacity2 China United States Germany Turkey Brazil Solar water heating collector capacity per capita2 Cyprus Austria Israel Barbados Greece Geothermal heat capacity5 China Turkey Japan Iceland India Geothermal heat capacity per capita 5 Iceland New Zealand Hungary Turkey Japan TOTAL CAPACITY OR GENERATION AS OF END-2014 12345 12345

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