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GSR 2015

205 02 RENEWABLES 2015 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT 133 Ibid. For information on quality problems elsewhere see, for example, Sandrine Gaingne, “Cameroun: Les Panneaux Solaires de Mauvaise Qualité Dictent Leur Loi,” Association des Journalistes Africains Pour l’Environnement (AJAFE), 18 October 2013, http:// dictent-leur-loi/. 134 Masson, op. cit. note 2. 135 IEA-PVPS, op. cit. note 6, p. 56. 136 David Appleyard, “Intelligent Inverters Stealing the Show,” Renewable Energy World, September/October 2014, pp. 30–38, intelligent-inverters-stealing-the-show. 137 “The Microinverter and DC Optimizer Landscape 2014: The Evolution from Market Niche to Market Success,” PV News, March 2014, p. 14. 138 Appleyard, op. cit. note 136. 139 Increasing competitiveness and reducing prices from Ibid.; prices continued to fall from Scott Moskowitz and M.J. Shiao, “The Global PV Inverter Landscape 2015: Technologies, Markets and Prices,” Greentech Media, 12 February 2015, http://www.greentechmedia. com/research/report/the-global-pv-inverter-landscape-2015. 140 SolarMax parent company, Sputnik Engineering (Switzerland) declared bankruptcy in late 2014; SolarMax was the world’s fifth largest inverter supplier in 2008, from Alexandra Mebane, “When an Inverter Manufacturer Goes Bankrupt: Facing the Impact from Different Angles,” Renewable Energy World, 2 January 2015, article/2015/01/when-an-inverter-manufacturer-goes-bankrupt- facing-the-impact-from-different-angles; “Shunfeng Acquires Insolvent Inverter Business of Sunways,” PV News, June 2014, p. 5; MJ Shiao and Scott Moskowitz, “Grading the Latest PV Inverter Deal: Does Yaskawa’s Purchase of Solectria Make Sense?” PV News, August 2014, p. 1; Eric Wesoff, “Updated: SunPower Buys VC-Funded Microinverter Startup SolarBridge,” Greentech Media, 11 November 2014, read/Breaking-SunPower-Buys-VC-Funded-Microinverter-Startup- SolarBridge; “ABB and Power-One Merge Under ABB Name; Subsidiary Purchased by Bel,” PV News, June 2014, p. 5; SMA Solar Technology AG (Germany) announced layoffs and plans to downsize in 2014, from Appleyard, op. cit. note 136. 141 “Japanese Manufacturer Expands Renewables Business, Acquires Solectria and The Switch,” Renewable Energy World, 17 July 2014, japan-manufacturer-expands-renewables-manufacturing- business-acquires-solectria-and-the-switch; “TMEIC to Build Texas Manufacturing Facility,” PV News, November 2014, p. 3; Eric Wesoff, “Updated: SunPower Buys VC-Funded Microinverter Startup SolarBridge,” Greentech Media, 11 November 2014, http:// Buys-VC-Funded-Microinverter-Startup-SolarBridge. In addition, US microinverter manufacturer Enphase acquired US operation and maintenance (O&M) provider Next Phase Solar to continue its move into the solar services business, and announced a partnership with Mosaic to offer O&M services to residential solar loan customers, from Meg Cichon, “Enphase Acquires Next Phase Solar, Gains 400 MW of O&M Assets,” Renewable Energy World, 10 February 2015, article/2015/02/enphase-broadens-o-m-reach-gains-400-mw-of- assets-with-acquisition-of-next-phase-solar. 142 Philipps et al., op. cit. note 81, p. 9. Also see Eric Wesoff, “Rest in Peace. The List of Deceased Solar Companies, 2009-2013,” GreenTech Media, 1 December 2013, http:// The-List-of-Deceased-Solar-Companies-2009-to-2013; Eric Wesoff, “Soitec, SunPower and Suncore: The Last CPV Vendors Standing,” GreenTech Media, 29 October 2014, https://www. Suncore-The-Last-CPV-Vendors-Standing; Eric Wesoff, “CPV Hopeful Soitec Exits the Solar Business,” GreenTech Media, 25 January 2015, French-CPV-Hopeful-Soitec-Exits-the-Solar-Business. 143 As of early 2015, CPV held records for module efficiency (36.7%) and cell efficiency (46%), and the efficiency of many commercially available modules exceeds 30%, from Philipps et al., op. cit. note 81, p. 6. Difficulties competing with conventional solar PV on cost from idem, p. 9, and from James Montgomery, “CPV Update: SunPower Ramps Up in China, Soitec Achieves South Africa Milestone,” Renewable Energy World, 28 March 2014, http:// cpv-update-sunpower-ramps-up-in-china-soitec-achieves-south- africa-milestone. Difficulties competing and economies of scale from Oscar de la Rubia, Institute for Concentration Photovoltaics Systems, Spain, cited in “CPV’s Golden Opportunity in the MENA Region,” Solar GCC Alliance, 11 February 2015, http://www. 144 Completion of facilities from Meg Cichon, “Soitec to Shutter German CPV Manufacturing, ‘Regroup’ at its San Diego Facility,” Renewable Energy World, 2 August 2013, http:// soitec-to-shutter-germany-cpv-manufacturing-regroup-its-san- diego-facility; and from Soitec, “Soitec Completes Its First Solar Power Plant in California with Modules from Its New San Diego Manufacturing Facility,” press release (San Francisco: 10 July 2013), completes-its-first-solar-power-plant-in-california-with-modules- from-its-new-san-diego-manufacturing-facility-1341/. The new off-grid product is called “Plug&Sun+” and can be coupled with batteries and/or a diesel generator for medium-scale solar energy installations at remote sites, from Soitec, “Soitec Announces New Higher Capacity Version of Its Off-Grid CPV Product,” press release (Bernin, France: 17 February 2014), http://www.soitec. com/en/news/press-releases/soitec-announces-new-higher- capacity-version-of-its-off-grid-cpv-product-1449/; South Africa and efficiency milestones from Jennifer Runyon, “Soitec to Give Up on Solar CPV,” Renewable Energy World, 20 January 2015, soitec-to-give-up-on-solar-cpv. 145 Runyon, op. cit. note 144; Eric Wesoff, “The Zero-Billion-Dollar CPV Business Claims Another Victim,” Greentech Media, 25 January 2015, French-CPV-Hopeful-Soitec-Exits-the-Solar-Business. 146 For example, Solar Junction, which launched a partnership with Amonix (both United States) in 2013 to improve CPV efficiency, was acquired by a Saudi company, from Bea Gonzalez, “Solar Junction Acquired by Saudis,” PV Insider, 22 July 2014, http:// See also ArzonSolar, “Arzon Solar—High Performance Solar Power Products Powered by Amonix Technology,” http://www.arzonsolar. com/company/, viewed 24 March 2015. 147 New products and MENA from “CPV’s Golden Opportunity in the MENA Region,” Solar GCC Alliance, 11 February 2015, http://www.; China from Mark Osborne, “SunPower Secures 3 GW Pipeline in China with its C7 LCPV Technology,” PV-Tech, 31 October 2014, in_china_with_its_c7_lcpv_technology. New products include, for example: Arzon Solar, “Arzon Solar Introduces the 2.70 kW uModule, the Highest Power, Highest Efficiency PV Module in the World,” press release (Seal Beach, CA: 19 February 2015), http://; Conor Ryan, “Heliotrop and Magpower Set to Form CPV Conglomerate,” PV-Tech, 29 January 2015, set_to_form_cpv_conglomerate; Mark Osborne, “SunPower Secures 3 GW Pipeline in China with Its C7 LCPV Technology,” PV-Tech, 31 October 2014, sunpower_secures_3gw_pipeline_in_china_with_its_c7_lcpv_ technology. BACK

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