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GSR 2015

195 02 RENEWABLES 2015 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT 1 The definition of ocean energy used in this report does not include offshore wind power or marine biomass energy. 2 Global installed capacity based on Ocean Energy Systems (OES), Annual Report 2014 (Lisbon: 2014), http://www.ocean-energy-, on International Energy Agency (IEA), Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2014 (Paris: OECD/IEA, 2014), and on sources for capacity installations as noted elsewhere in this section. 3 OES, op. cit. note 2; and Électricité de France (EDF), “Usine marémotrice de La Rance,” energies-marines/carte-des-implantations-marines/usine- maremotrice-de-la-rance/presentation-51516.html 4 Atlantis Resources, “Turbine Construction Contract with Lockheed Martin” (Singapore: 30 March 2015), http://atlantisresourcesltd. com/media-centre/atlantis-annoucements/79-2015- annoucements/359-turbine-construction-contract-with-lockheed- martin.html 5 The Crown Estate, “First UK Tidal Array Project Agrees Funding,” press release (London: 21 August 2014), http:// first-uk-tidal-array-project-agrees-funding 6 The Crown Estate, “Crown Estate Unlocks Further UK Wave and Tidal Current Opportunities,” press release (London: 8 July 2014), further-uk-wave-and-tidal-opportunities-unlocked 7 Alderney Renewable Energy, “Alderney Renewable Energy to Develop Major European Tidal Array,” undated, assets/Enterprising-Energy-Article_2.pdf 8 “Pelamis Wave Power Limited to Be Put Into Administration,” Renewable Energy Focus, 21 November 2014, http:// pelamis-wave-power-limited-to-be-put-into-administration 9 “Jobs Hope for Staff at Collapsed Wave Power Firm Pelamis,” BBC News, 25 November 2014, uk-scotland-scotland-business-30202166 10 “Wave Energy Scotland Gets Financial Boost,” Subsea World News, 25 February 2015, wave-energy-scotland-gets-financial-boost/ 11 Aquamarine Power, “Aquamarine Power Announces Plans to Downsize Business,” 3 December 2014, http://www. plans-to-downsize-business.aspx 12 FloWave TT, “About,” 13 See for example, Abbie Badcock-Broe et al., Wave and Tidal Energy Market Deployment Strategy for Europe, Strategic Initiative for Ocean Energy (SI Ocean), June 2014, upload/docs/SIOcean_Market_Deployment_Strategy-Web.pdf 14 European Commission, Ocean Energy Forum website, http://www. 15 Carnegie Wave Energy, “Perth Project,” http://www.carnegiewave. com/projects/perth-project.html; Carnegie Wave Energy, “Perth Wave Energy Project – April 2015 Newsletter,” http://www. a94755b2fb1a8c3065e3860e91049c10.html. 16 Nova Innovation Ltd, “Successful Operation for Nova Innovation Tidal Device,” 20 July 2014, index.php/nova30-operation-news. 17 Nova Innovation Ltd, “Nova Innovation and ELSA Secure Funding for the Shetland Tidal Array,” 15 June 2014, http://www. funding-for-the-shetland-tidal-array 18 Tocardo, “Tocardo Installs Three Turbines in Dutch ‘Afsluitsdijk’,” press release (Den Oever, Netherlands: 20 February 2015), tocardo_installs_three_turbines_in_dutch_‘afsluitdijk’/ 19 “Tocardo Tidal Turbines Agrees to Acquire Swanturbines Intellectual Property,” Renewable Energy Focus, 27 February 2015, turbines-agrees-to-acquire-swantubines-intellectual-property/ 20 Tocardo, “New Tidal Project in South Korea,” press release (Amsterdam/Seoul: 4 November 2014), news/2014/11/04/new_tidal_project_in_south_korea; Tocardo, “Tocardo Selected for Tidal Power Developments Isle of Man,” 12 November 2014, tocardo_selected_for_tidal_power_developments_isle_of_man 21 Aquamarine Power, “Aquamarine Power’s Oyster Yields ‘Exceptional’ Operational Data,” 19 March 2015, http://www.’s-oyster-yields- exceptional-operational-data.aspx 22 Atlantis Resources, “Expansion of Strategic Relationship with Dongfang,” press release (Singapore: 7 April 2014), http:// 2014-annoucements/295-expansion-of-strategic-relationship- with-dongfang.html 23 Atlantis Resources, “Turbine Construction Contract with Lockheed Martin,” press release (Singapore: 30 March 2015), http:// 2015-annoucements/359-turbine-construction-contract-with- lockheed-martin.html 24 Ibid. 25 Atlantis Resources, “World’s Largest Tidal Array Development Wins Prestigious International Award,” press release (Singapore: 5 November 2014), atlantis-press-coverage/332-world-s-largest-tidal-array- development-wins-prestigious-international-award.html 26 OpenHydro, “OpenHydro and Alderney Renewable Energy (ARE) Forge Joint Venture to Develop Major European Tidal Array,” press release (Dublin: 10 April 2014), news/100414.html 27 OpenHydro, “OpenHydro, a DCNS Company, to Supply Two New Tidal Turbines for Installation at Paimpol-Bréhat,” press release (Dublin: 4 June 2014), 28 Alstom, “Alstom Chosen to Equip Pilot Tidal Farm at Raz Blanchard in France,” press release (Levallois-Perret, France: 2 December 2014), chosen-to-equip-pilot-tidal-farm-at-raz-blanchard-in-france; GDF Suez, “France Selects GDF SUEZ to Build a Pilot Tidal Power Farm in the Alderney Race,” press release (Paris: 2 December 2014), tidal-power-farm-alderney-race 29 Alstom, “Alstom Improves the Performance of Its Tidal Energy Solutions with Oceade™ 18 – 1.4MW,” press release (Levallois- Perret, France: 1 October 2014), centre/2014/10/alstom-improves-the-performance-of-its-tidal- energy-solutions-with-oceade-18-14mw 30 “Nautricity Gets EMEC Grid Berth,” Subsea World News, 26 February 2015, nautricity-gets-emec-grid-berth 31 European Marine Energy Centre Ltd. (EMEC), “Magallanes Successfully Install Floating Tidal Turbine at EMEC,” press release (Stromnes, Orkney, UK: 28 November 2014), uk/press-release-magallanes-successfully-install-floating-tidal- turbine-at-emec-2/ 32 EMEC, “Open Hydro,” our-tidal-clients/open-hydro 33 OpenHydro, “OpenHydro and Nova Scotia Partners to Build Next Generation Tidal Energy Project in Bay of Fundy,” press release (Dublin: 28 March 2014), 34 Black Rock Tidal Power Ltd., “Black Rock Tidal Power Wins Demonstration Berth in Bay of Fundy,” press release (Halifax, Nova Scotia: 28 March 2014), news/ 35 Schottel, “Schottel Tidal Generators Push Renewable Energy Industry,” July 2014, news-events/news/news-detail/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_ ews%5D=252&cHash=e5b2da1347e599b60f9a546572a9e4e7 36 Ibid.; Schottel, “Commercially Viable Energy: Schottel Hydro Launches New Turbine Generation,” February 2015, http://www. ews%5D=278&cHash=d7d04189c826f5ce222139816e92d337 37 Wello, “Fortum Invests Into Wello,” press release (Espoo, Finland: 1 September 2014), press/56-fortum-invests-into-wello 38 Wello, “Outstanding Durability Demonstrated,” 39 Wello Ltd, “Wello’s Wave Energy Converter Producing Clean Energy,” 10 September 2013, 40 Tocardo, “Tocardo Acquires Dutch IHC Tidal Energy,” press release (Den Oever, Netherlands: 18 November 2014), http://www.tocardo. com/news/2014/11/18/tocardo_acquires_dutch_ihc_tidal_energy 41 Tocardo, “Tocardo Acquires Swanturbines Technology,” press release (Den Oever, Netherlands: 26 February 2015), tocardo_acquires_swanturbines_technology 42 Badcock-Broe et al., op. cit. note 13. 43 Ibid. 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