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GSR 2015

152 REFERENCE TABLES COUNTRY SECTOR / TECHNOLOGY TARGET United States (continued) Oregon Electricity 25% of supply by 2025 (utilities with 3% or more of state’s load) 10% by 2025 (utilities with 1.5–3% of state’s load) 5% by 2025 (utilities with less than 1.5% of state’s load) Pennsylvania Electricity 18% of supply by 2020–2021 Rhode Island Electricity 16% of supply by 2019 Texas Electricity 5,880 MW by 2015 Washington Electricity 9% of supply by 2016; 15% by 2020 Wisconsin Electricity 10% of supply by 2015 District of Columbia Electricity 20% of supply by 2020 Northern Mariana Islands Electricity 80% of supply by 2015 Puerto Rico Electricity 20% of supply by 2035 TABLE R15. OTHER RENEWABLE ENERGY TARGETS: STATE / PROVINCIAL LEVEL (continued) 9 Investor-owned utilities (IOUs) operate under private control, rather than government or co-operative operation. 10 Municipal utilities (munis) are publicly owned and operated. Co-operative utilities (co-ops) are owned and operated by members who also make up the utility’s customer base. Note: All capacity targets are for cumulative capacity unless otherwise noted. Targets are rounded to the nearest tenth decimal. Renewable energy targets are not standardised across countries; therefore, the table presents a variety of targets for the purpose of general comparison. Many sub-national targets have been enacted under RPS policies. (R See Table R17.). Countries on this list may also have primary/final energy, electricity, or heating/cooling targets. (R See Tables R12–R14.) Table R15 lists transport energy targets; biofuel blend mandates can be found in Table R16: National and State/Provincial Biofuel Blend Mandates. It is not always possible to determine whether transportation targets are limited to road transportation. Additionally, targets may cover only the use of biofuels or a wider array of renewable transport options (i.e., renewable electricity with electric vehicles, hydrogen). Source: See Endnote 15 for this section. BACK

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