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GSR 2015

241RENEWABLES 2015 GLOBAL STATUS REPORT dms/swm/pressemitteilungen/2014/01/versorgung20140130/ Pressemitteilung%20vom%2030.01.2.014.pdf; “SWM Geothermie-Kraftwerk in Sauerlach eröffnet,”, 31 January 2014, swm-geothermie-kraftwerk.html; Erdwärme Grünwald, “Grüner Strom aus Geothermie,” undated, http://www.erdwaerme- News-Archiv/Gruener-Strom-aus-Geothermie-E1172.htm. Two more co-generating binary plants in Bavaria, at Taufkirchen/ Oberhaching (5 MW/35 MWth) and Traunreut (4 MW/12 MWth), started producing power and heat in 2014; see German Geothermal Association (Bundesverband Geothermie), list of geothermal projects in Germany, fileadmin/useruploads/wissenswelt/Projekte/Projektliste_Tiefe_ Geothermie_2015_bundesland.pdf; Indonesia: Suryantini, Institut Teknologi Bandung, “Indonesia Geothermal Potential; Status in 2014, and Opportunities for Medium-Low-Enthalpy Resources Development,” presentation at the Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting 2014, Portland, OR, 28 September–1 October 2014; Raras Cahyafitri, “Patuha Plant Under Trial, Sarulla to Start Drilling Operations,” Jakarta Post, 23 August 2014, patuha-plant-under-trial-sarulla-start-drilling-operations.html; Italy: Enel Green Power, “Enel Green Power Begins Operation of New Bagnore 4 Geothermal Power Plant,” press release (Rome: 22 December 2014), press_releases/enel-green-power-begins-operation-of-new- bagnore-4-geothermal-power-plant/r/1663019; Kenya: Ormat Technologies, “Olkaria III Geothermal Complex in Kenya Reaches 110 MW with Commercial Operation of Plant 3,” press release (Reno, NV: 4 February, 2014), latest-items/olkaria-iii-geothermal-complex-kenya-reaches-110- mw-commercial-operation-plant-3; “Olkaria III Geothermal Raises Capacity to 110 MW,” Business Daily Africa, 24 February 2014, III-geothermal-raises-capacity-to-110MW/-/539550/2219544/-/ i88kphz/-/index.html; Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), “Ongoing Projects,” php?page=business&subpage=current; KenGen, “KenGen Finally Connects Olkaria 280 MW to the Grid,” press release (Nairobi: 10 December 2014), php?page=press&subpage=releases; Philippines: Energy Development Corporation, “EDC Boosts Visayas Grid with New 49.4-MW Geothermal plant in Negros Oriental,” http://www. 49-4-mw-geothermal-plant-in-negros-oriental; Turkey: European Geothermal Energy Council, EGEC Market Report 2013/2014 Update, Fourth Edition (Brussels: December 2014). 6 Table R6 derived from the following sources: China: China Electricity Council, an overview of China’s power industry in 2014, 10 March 2015, yaowenkuaidi/2015-03-10/134972.html; Brazil: 3,315 MW (138 MW small hydro and 3,177 MW large hydro) added in 2014, per ANEEL, “Resumo Geral dos Novos Empreendimentos de Geração,” updated March 2015, br/area.cfm?idArea=37; and “Resumo Geral das Usinas,” updated March 2015, Resumo_Geral_das_Usinas_març; large hydro capacity is listed as 84,095 MW at end-2014, small (1–30 MW) hydro at 4,790 MW, and very small (<1 MW) hydro at 308 MW, for a total of 89,193 MW; generation from National Electrical System Operator of Brazil (ONS), “Geração de Energia,” http://; United States: capacity from U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Electric Power Monthly, Table 6.2.B, electricity/monthly; generation from idem., Table 1.1; Canada: IHA Hydropower Database, from IHA, personal communication with REN21, March 2015; Statistics Canada, “Table 127-0009 Installed Generating Capacity, by Class of Electricity Producer,”; generation from idem, “Table 127-0002 Electric Power Generation, by Class of Electricity Producer”; Russia: capacity and generation from System Operator of the Unified Energy System of Russia, Report on the Unified Energy System in 2014 (Moscow: undated), http://www. ups_rep2014.pdf; India: installed capacity in 2014 (units larger than 25 MW) of 40,867.43 MW from Government of India, Ministry of Power, Central Electricity Authority, “Installed Capacity as of 31 December 2014,”, and from idem, “List of H.E. Stations in the Country with Station Capacity Above 25 MW,” list_he__stations.pdf; capacity additions in 2014 (>25 MW) of 992.02 MW from idem, “Executive Summary of the Power Sector (monthly),”; installed capacity in 2014 (<25 MW) of 3,990.83 MW from Government of India, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), “Physical Progress (Achievements),” vision-2/achievements/, viewed 18 January 2014 and 21 January 2015; capacity additions in 2014 (<25 MW) of 228 MW based on difference of year-end 2014 figure (above) and year-end 2013 figure (3,763.15 MW) from MNRE, idem; generation for plants larger than 25 MW from Government of India, Central Electricity Authority, “Executive Summary…,” op. cit. this note, and output from hydropower plants smaller than 25 MW estimated, based on capacity from MNRE, op. cit. this note, and on average capacity factor for large hydropower facilities in India; Turkey: Enerji Atlasi, “Elektrik Kurulu Gücü 2014'te %8,61 Arttı,” 12 January 2015. 2014-te-8-61-artti; and Enerji Atlas, “Hydrolektrik,” http://www.; World: Based on input from IHA, op. cit. this note. Additions in 2014 are lower than IHA value of 39 GW published in May 2015 to reflect lower actual capacity additions in Malaysia of 0.8 GW compared to 3.3 GW, with much of the difference installed in prior years. 7 Table R7 derived from the following sources: China: China’s National Energy Board, cited in National Energy Administration, “2014 PV Statistics,” 9 March 2015, cn/2015-03/09/c_134049519.htm (using Google Translate); Japan: IEA-PVPS, Snapshot of Global PV Markets 2014 (Brussels: 2015),; United States: GTM Research and U.S. Solar Industries Association, U.S. Solar Market Insight Report: 2014 Year in Review (Washington, DC: 2015), Executive Summary, p. 3, https://www.greentechmedia. com/research/ussmi; United Kingdom: 2013 from IEA-PVPS, op. cit. this note; 2014 from Gaëtan Masson and Sinead Orlandi, IEA-PVPS and Becquerel Institute, personal communication with REN21, May 2015; and from UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), “Energy Trends section 6: Renewables,” updated 14 May 2015, p. 50, statistics/energy-trends-section-6-renewables; Germany: BMWi, Marktanalyse Photovoltaik-Dachlagen (Berlin: 2015), http://www. marktanalysen-photovoltaik-photovoltaik.pdf; BMWi, Entwicklung der Erneuerbaren Energien in Deutschland im Jahr 2014 (Berlin: 2015) data from Arbeitsgruppe Erneuerbare Energien-Statistik (AGEE-Stat), as of February 2015, http://www.erneuerbare- erneuerbaren_energien_in_deutschland_im_jahr_2014.pdf; Bundesverband Solar Wirtschaft e.V. (BSW-Solar), “Statistische Zahlen der deutschen Solarstrombranche (Photovoltaik),” March 2015, pdf/2013_2_BSW_Solar_Faktenblatt_Photovoltaik.pdf; France, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, Italy, and Spain: IEA- PVPS, op. cit. this note; India: Bridge to India, May 2015, provided by Sinead Orlandi, Becquerel Institute, personal communication with REN21, 11 May 2015; World: Masson and Becquerel Institute, op. cit. this note; European Photovoltaic Industry Association, Global Market Outlook for Photovoltaics 2015-2019 (Brussels: forthcoming 2015). 8 Table R8 derived from the following sources: REN21, Renewables 2014 Global Status Report (Paris: June 2014), http://www. GSR2014_full%20report_low%20res.pdf; Elisa Prieto Casaña, Frederick H. Morse, and Francisco Javier Martínez Villar, Abengoa Solar, personal communications with REN21, 28 April 2015; Eduardo Garcia Iglesias, Protermosolar, personal communication with REN21, 29 April 2015; NREL, “Concentrating Solar Power Projects,”, viewed 24 April 2015; “CSP Today Global Tracker,” CSP Today, http://social., viewed 27 April 2014. 9 Table R9 derived from Franz Mauthner and Werner Weiss, Solar Heat Worldwide: Markets and Contribution to the Energy Supply 2013, edition 2015 (Gleisdorf, Austria: IEA-SHC, 2015), and from Franz Mauthner, AEE-INTEC, Gleisdorf, Austria, personal communications with REN21, March–May 2015. 10 Table R10 derived from the following sources: year-end world and country data for 2013 from GWEC, Global Wind Report 2014: Annual Market Update (Brussels: April 2015), p. 7, http:// Wind_2014_Report_LR.pdf (unless otherwise noted). Data for 2014 from the following sources: China: 2013 from Chinese BACK

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