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GSR 2015

206 ENDNOTES 02 MARKET AND INDUSTRY TRENDS – CSP 1 Global CSP figures are based on the following sources: Elisa Prieto Casaña, Frederick H. Morse, and Francisco Javier Martínez Villar, Abengoa Solar, personal communications with REN21, 28 April 2015; Eduardo Garcia Iglesias, Protermosolar, personal communication with REN21, 29 April 2015; U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), “Concentrating Solar Power Projects,”, viewed 24 April 2015; “CSP Today Global Tracker,” CSP Today, http://social., viewed 27 April 2014. Figure 18 based on all sources in this note. 2 Estimate derived from sources in Endnote 1 and from past editions of the GSR. 3 “Reliance Power Begins Operations of 100MW Solar CSP Project in India,” Energy Business Review, 12 November 2014, power-begins-operations-of-100mw-solar-csp-project-in- india-121114-4436001. 4 “Analysts See Shifting Sands in the Global CSP Market,” Renewable Energy Magazine, 23 October 2014, analysts-see-shifting-sands-in-the-global-20141023. 5 Market percentages of different technologies are calculated based on the known capacities and technologies of the four new plants that came on line in 2014. 6 See sources in Endnote 1. 7 Ibid. 8 Amy Nordrum, “In the Shadow of Ivanpah, Another Federally- Backed Solar Thermal Power Plant Gears Up,” International Business Times, 14 February 2015, shadow-ivanpah-another-federally-backed-solar-thermal-power- plant-gears-1816410. 9 “Weekly Intelligence Brief: July 21–28,” CSP Today, 28 July 2014, brief-july-21-28; U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), “Concentrating Solar Power Projects: Megha Solar Plant,” updated 21 November 2014, project_detail.cfm/projectID=264; NREL, “Concentrating Solar Power Projects: Dhursar,” updated 21 November 2014, http:// 10 AREVA, “Areva Reaches Major Milestone on Concentrated Solar Power Project in India,” press release (Courbevoie, Île-de-France: 4 December 2013), areva-reaches-major-milestone-on-concentrated-solar-power- project-in-india.html; “Reliance Power’s 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project at Dhursar Commences Generation,” Reve Wind Energy and Electric Vehicle Review, 12 November 2014, concentrated-solar-power-csp-project-at-dhursar-commences- generation/48664. 11 “Another 50 MW CSP Plant Has Been Commissioned in India,” CSP-World, 13 November 2014, http:// another-50-mw-csp-plant-has-been-commissioned-india. 12 Jorge Alcauza, “How Spain Boosted CSP and Then Signed Its Death Warrant,” CSP-World, 19 August 2015, how-spain-boosted-csp-then-signed-its-death-warrant. 13 Rikki Stancich, “Spain’s FIT Moratorium: CSP Sector Dealt a Blow,” CSP Today, 9 February 2012, spain%E2%80%99s-fit-moratorium-csp-sector-dealt-blow. 14 South African market data from sources in Endnote 1 and from the following: Angela Castillo, “What Does the ‘Staggered Financial Close Process’ for Window 3 Mean?” CSP Today, 15 August 2014, %E2%80%9Cstaggered-financial-close-process%E2%80%9D- window-3-mean; Abengoa Solar, “Abengoa Signs Power Purchase Agreement and Secures Financing of Xina Solar One, 100 MW Solar Thermal Plant in South Africa,” press release (Seville: 15 December 2014), de_nosotros/sala_de_prensa/noticias/2014/abg_20141211-2. html; Abengoa Solar, “South Africa: Khi Solar One,” 2014, plantas_en_construccion/sudafrica/; Lorraine Kearney, “Kaxu Solar One to Ease Pressure on SA’s Energy Grid,” SouthAfrica. info, 2 March 2015, economy/infrastructure/kaxu-030315.htm#.VQWPmI7LdNk; Mridul Chadha, “Abengoa Completes $660 Million Debt Financing for Xina Solar One in South Africa,” Clean Technica, 17 March 2015, 660-million-debt-financing-xina-solar-one-south-africa/; Jenny Muirhead, “South Africa Update – DOE Confirms Players for Window 3.5,” CSP Today, 15 December 2014, http://social. confirms-players-window-35. 15 “Weekly Intelligence Brief: October 13–19,” CSP Today, 20 October 2014, weekly-intelligence-brief-october-13-19. 16 Garcia Iglesias, op. cit. note 1; “ACWA Power-led Consortium Wins a EUR 1.7 Billion Bid for the Noor II and III Projects,” CSP Today, 12 January 2015, acwa-power-led-consortium-wins-eur-17-billion-bid-noor-ii-and- iii-projects. 17 See sources in Endnote 1. 18 Ibid. 19 Heba Hashem, “China’s CSP Dreams Begin to Materialize,” Renewable Energy World, 27 August 2014, http://social.csptoday. com/markets/chinas-csp-dreams-begin-materialize. 20 “Kuwait Selects Bidders for Pilot Solar Project,” Technical Review Middle East, 5 February 2014, http://www. generation/bidders-announced-for-shagaya-csp-project; Utilities ME Staff, “Kuwait Calls for EOIs for Solar Power Plant,”, 12 June 2014, utilities/news/2014/jun/12/kuwait-calls-for-eois-for-solar-power- plant-4729361/#.VQZq4o7LdNk. 21 Edgar Meza, “Saudi Electricity Taps GE for 600 MW Integrated Power Plant,” PV Magazine, 5 January 2015, electricity-taps-ge-for-600-mw-integrated-power-plant- _100017653/#axzz3UZdu5B1Q. 22 Angela Castillo, “2014: A Year in Review,” CSP Today, 29 December 2014, review; “Weekly Intelligence Brief: February 2–9,” CSP Today, 9 February 2015, weekly-intelligence-brief-february-2-9. 23 “Namibia Looking to Develop CSP with Storage,” Engineering News, 10 March 2015, namibia-looking-to-develop-csp-with-storage-2015-03-10/ rep_id:3182. 24 Stefan Nicola, “Germany to Help Finance Chile’s First Solar-Thermal Power Plant,” Renewable Energy World, 19 December 2014, rea/news/article/2014/12/germany-to-help-finance-chiles- first-solar-thermal-power-plant?cmpid=SolarNL-Saturday- December20-2014; Gile Parkinson, “Abengoa Says CSP with Storage Will Beat Baseload Gas by 2020,” REneweconomy, http:// will-beat-baseload-gas-by-2020-2020. 25 Sarah-Jane Tasker, “Investment in Renewable Energy Plunges Amid Policy Uncertainty,” The Australian, 15 April 2014, http:// in-renewable-energy-plunges-amid-policy-uncertainty/ story-e6frg9df-1227304046348. 26 “ISCC Plants: Unlocking CSP in the MENA Region,” CSP Today, 24 July 2014, iscc-plants-unlocking-csp-mena-region. 27 Jason Deign, “Tough Times Ahead for CSP in Australia,” CSP Today, 24 September 2014, tough-times-ahead-csp-australia. 28 Susan Kraemer, “Optimising Design for Hybrid CSP-Biomass Plants,” CSP Today, 27 June 2014, technology/optimising-design-hybrid-csp-biomass-plants; “Weekly Intelligence Brief: December 8–15,” CSP Today, 15 December 2014, weekly-intelligence-brief-december-8-15. 29 Vince Font, “DOE Awards $10 Million for Concentrating Solar Power Storage Research,” Renewable Energy World 23 May 2015, article/2014/05/doe-awards-10-million-for-concentrating- solar-power-storage-research; Tom Konrad, “The Next Trend: Integrating PV with Solar Thermal,” Forbes, 26 June 2013, the-next-trend-integrating-pv-with-solar-thermal/. 30 Jorge Alcauza, “Abengoa’s Subsidiary Rioglass Has Bought BACK

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