REN21 has a new logo!

Our new logo reflects REN21’s dynamic personality, its current and future relevance, its spirit of innovation.  The lines symbolise the REN21 network; different colours represent different players.  The lines are of different length to illustrate movement. The simplified text and clean font modernise the logo.  The tagline is a “call to action”.

Why change?
When REN21 was first formed in 2004, there were few organisations tracking the uptake of renewables. The original REN21 logo symbolised the emerging renewables market and a statement to make renewables part of the energy mix in the 21st century. Over the years, REN21, has galvanised the consolidation of data and information of this sector which is reflected in its various report series.

Today, renewables are a part of the energy mix. But to achieve a sustainable energy future, we need to rapidly increase the contribution of renewables and ensure that they are integrated across the whole energy sector. It is not about privileging one renewables energy technology over another technology; it’s about replacing the current energy system with a renewables-based one. It’s not about renewables or energy efficiency; it is about making the necessary synergies to create a sustainable energy future.

The new REN21 logo attempts to capture the dynamism of the renewables energy sector, the interlinkages between the sectors and the importance of collaboration.

Check out our new website!
REN21 had redesigned its website to underpin the energy of the new logo. Its visual design reflects how REN21, its network and partners work collectively for a sustainable energy future with renewables. We have reorganised the site’s structure to make it easier to navigate. The REN21 Community can be found under (Y)our network, placing it prominently at the heart of REN21. You can find new photos and videos, get information about how to meet up with us and more. Check it out!