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The year 2022 has been nothing short of challenging – on all fronts. Amid these alarming trends, renewable energy stands out from the crowd. In 2022, the growth in newly installed
renewable power capacity reached unprecedented levels. But it is not enough. The world is still far from being safe and secure. It’s clear that we cannot afford business as usual.

For REN21, 2022 also brought its fair share of challenges. Yet in the face of adversity, we found opportunities. It’s in our DNA to use obstacles as a catalyst for innovation and growth. This Annual Report doesn’t just celebrate our achievements, it also lays the groundwork for the work ahead. Transforming the world’s energy systems requires that we work collectively and adopt a more inclusive and equitable perspective. It requires that we act on facts and knowledge and not on misconceptions and economic interest.


In the past two years, REN21 has worked towards greater regionalisation with a focus on Africa and Southeast Asia. We have mobilised our efforts to create innovative formats for data and knowledge that meet the needs of decision makers. We have also successfully connected with highly strategic sectors like transport, heating/cooling, and cities. These sectors account for most of the total energy consumption. Transitioning them to renewables will have a rapid and significant impact on gas emissions.

Have a look at what our network has accomplished during the past two years. You will see that nothing can stop us.

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