About REN21 Reports

REN21 Secretariat


With a network of more than 1,500 experts, REN21 publishes a range of reports to help drive the global transition to renewable energy. Distributed widely, they are available online, free-of-charge.

REN21 reports “make the invisible, visible”

REN21 is an international policy network of passionate players dedicated to building a sustainable energy future with renewables. REN21 is recognised as a neutral data and knowledge broker that provides credible and widely accepted information. All of REN21’s reports are available free-of-charge.

Distributed data and information are consolidated and clearly presented in each report. REN21 aims to dispel myths and “make the invisible, visible”, ensuring data and information are available to inform decision-making and shape the global energy debate.

Renewables Global Status Report (GSR)

The GSR provides an overview of the renewable energy markets, investments and policies around the world. The report was published for the first time in 2005 and is produced annually.

The reporting process embodies REN21’s core values of collaboration, rigor, transparency.  It draws on an international network of more than 1,500 authors, contributors and reviewers from over 155 countries. Today it is often cited as the reference source on renewable energy markets and policies.

Renewables in Cities Global Status Report (REC)

Renewables in Cities is the first comprehensive resource to map out the current trends and renewable energy developments in cities. Cities are a high-impact location for climate action, and their environment enables them to move beyond a power transition to a system-wide energy transition

The REC uses the same process and rigorous standards found in the Renewables Global Status Report series. The report is now accompanied by a Summary for Policy Makers, 18 city case studies, country fact sheets, downloadable report figures and the complete Renewables in Cities dataset.

Regional Status Reports (RSR)

Each report details the renewable energy developments in a region. The report process supports the development of a community of experts helping to improve data and knowledge about renewables regionally – supporting decision making and changing perceptions.

The Global Futures Report (GFR)

This series captures the current thinking about a sustainable energy future. Each report presents the collective and contemporary thinking of many experts. It’s a unique report, providing guidance for policy makers.

Thematic Reports

These reports are produced as and when they are needed, often in partnership with other organisations. Each report targets a specific theme.