REN21 Secretariat


Would you like to contribute to REN21’s activities? Is accelerating the energy transition with renewables important to you? There are many ways you can get involved: join the REN21 community, help develop one of our publications by being a data contributor or reviewer; co-develop a workshop with us, use the REN21 reports to develop and support your work.

The REN21 community has more than 1,500 people who come from different countries with varied backgrounds, interest and professional experience. The community is driven by a common goal: to create a renewable energy future. Whatever your area of expertise and interest, you can be a part of this community and contribute to the sharing and exchanging of information on the renewable energy sector.

Join the community

REN21 is a worldwide network of players from governments, inter-governmental organisation and non-governmental organisations, industry, science and academia. Collectively this is an engaged community of international experts, who participate actively in different REN21 activities, e.g. contributing data and information, participating in interviews, peer reviewing reports, using the data supporting outreach, and actively exchanging at workshops, conferences, and events to advance the energy transition.

But it’s not just about helping REN21. The REN21 community co-develops the reports, resulting in real ownership and identification with REN21 and its activities. We believe in the “power of many”; by working together and multiplying messages we can achieve a sustainable energy future. Become a valued part of this international community!

Provide data and information for publications

You can also help us develop one of our publications by contributing data or being a reviewer.

REN21 consolidates formal (official) and informal (unofficial/ unconventional) data gathered from a wide range of sources. Through our contributors we can access dispersed data and information that frequently are not consolidated and are difficult to collect. This allows the REN21 reports to provide the most up-to-date data possible.

Round 2 of our peer review process for GSR 2020 will be open to the public on 30th March. If you would like to contribute this year as a peer reviewer, please submit an expression of interest. Reviewers will be able to access the draft chapters via our peer review tool on REN21+. The deadline for submission is 12th April. As always, all reviewers will be acknowledged in the final report.