RENdez-vous: Networking for the Renewables Community

REN21 Secretariat

What is a RENdez-vous?

REN21 hosts monthly Global RENdez-vous events, as well as regional mini-series, like the RENdez-vous Africa: Dialogue Series. All RENdez-vous events are online spaces where people come together to learn, inspire and connect around the role of renewable energy in accelerating progress towards global climate and sustainable development goals. 

At its core is a spirit of breaking down silos and engaging in difficult topics. While each event is unique, one thing remains consistent: at every RENdez-vous there is time to meet and network with people from both the renewables and related communities. 

RENdez-vous themes

Renewable energy must be placed at the heart of all agendas and decision-making processes. This requires a structural and technological shift. But it also requires a revolution in thinking, across policies, markets and business. In some cases, also in mindsets, to reposition renewable energy in the role it plays for securing a stable, resilient and economically-sound future.

With each RENdez-vous we dive into topics and themes that are connected to the overall objective of building a renewable energy future together. Events cover 4 key areas:

  1. Driving change: Increase our individual and collective influence to build leadership and push boundaries in the way we position and grow the renewables sector.
  2. Bridging to other ecosystems: Exchange with peers from other sectors to understand how they think about renewable energy – to explore underlying drivers, decision-making processes and good entry points for renewable energy, including how renewable energy can be positioned in other debates.
  3. All about renewables: Learn, share and exchange on important topics related to the renewable energy world, to equip ourselves with the tools required to build collaborative action.
  4. Special series with a regional or thematic focus: Discuss, connect and collectively develop actions on issues related to a specific region or theme. These events are held periodically and are developed in collaboration with specific partner organisations in the specific region/thematic area.

The value-added of participating

While each RENdez-vous is unique in content, structure and takeaways, participants will always be able to: 

  • be inspired, listen and learn from speakers who have experience in specific topics;
  • ask questions that can’t be asked elsewhere; 
  • actively interact in and contribute to discussions; and
  • meet, greet and share across sectors.

Past and upcoming RENdez-vous

Why “RENdez-vous”?

This event series was created at the 2020 REN21 Academy in continuation of the community spirit and discussion space. At its core is a spirit of breaking down silos and engaging in difficult topics. The name was created by Academy participants, and it is a play on words: combining both REN21’s name and the French term (rendez-vous) meaning “meeting”.