REN21 Secretariat


At the heart of REN21 is a large community of experts that is complemented with a network of institutions, all of which collectively support and champion efforts to achieve a sustainable energy future with renewables.

This community of over 2000 experts, driven by common values and goals, is based on collaboration and exchanging information and know-how. Members come from different countries and have varied political backgrounds, but all share the common goal of creating a sustainable energy future with renewables.

The diversity of the REN21 community is what makes REN21 unique.

If you are interested in being a part of the REN21 Community, please visit our dedicated page to learn about the ways you can get involved!

Community and REN21 members: what’s the difference?

  • The REN21 community is composed of hundreds of experts who each bring their own knowledge and expertise. 
  • REN21’s members come from the REN21 community. They are organisations that engage with REN21 and support a rapid development of renewables. These organisations are part of REN21’s governance structure.