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Meet up with us at one of the following events, hosted by REN21 or where REN21 will be participating. To learn more about REN21’s RENdez-vous series, please visit the dedicated page for all our RENdez-vous.

20 October 2021
  • AEEP Forum: Amplifying New Voices: Dialogue for Progress on Energy in Africa

    20 October 2021  11:20 - 11:35

    Where to meet: Online

    Making SDG7 a reality requires concerted efforts across the broadest possible range of stakeholders. To align on Africa’s and Europe’s shared priorities in achieving this goal, the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) is holding its Forum Aligning Energies for a Green and Prosperous Africa on 20 October 2021. 

    Join REN21's Rana Adib and Johan van den Berg, Head of Secretariat, Africa-EU Energy Partnership at the session Amplifying New Voices: Dialogue for Progress on Energy in Africa. They will discuss the need to build bridges between the energy and non-energy sectors to drive the energy transition. Together they will talk about how to amplify the renewable energy voice on the continent and how strategic intelligence can underpin this work.

    The Forum’s Topic Arena provides an opportunity to engage with leading initiatives working on vital dimensions of the African energy transition. African and European organisations will be available to network and exchange ideas on key themes such as green infrastructure, financing or women empowerment.

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  • EUFORES x The Hellenic Parliament: Shape and Fund the Renewable Energy Transition in Greece

    20 October 2021  16:00 - 16:30

    Where to meet: Online

    This session, which is the last of 5, intends to discuss the financial opportunities for the energy transition and renewable energy sources in Greece, as well as the different existing initiatives to develop renewable energy projects at local, regional, or national level, and through public, private, or collaborative funding. REN21’s Thomas André will be speaking on the expert panel.

    The European Forum for Renewable Energies -EUFORES- is organising this national parliamentary online workshop on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, in cooperation with the Parliament of Athens, The Hellenic Parliament, and Member of Parliament Dionysia Avgerinopoulou. The workshop will focus on the National Energy and Climate Plan of Greece, in the framework of the European Green Deal.

    Watch the livestream here.

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22 October 2021
  • Vienna Energy Security Dialogue: Energy Markets and Security During the Global Recovery

    22 October 2021  14:15 - 15:00

    Where to meet: Online

    The 4th Edition of the Vienna Energy Security Dialogue will discuss energy markets and security during the global recovery with a focus on:

    • The global recovery: implications for energy security and the energy transition
    • The role of energy markets in bridging the emissions gap

    This event will address these key energy issues by bringing together high-level participants from politics, industry, science and civil society. Jointly organised by the OSCE and World Energy Council Austria, the Dialogue is a leading international forum for stakeholders of the energy sector to share experiences and ideas on safe, affordable and environmentally responsible energy systems. REN21's Rana Adib will be speaking.

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27 October 2021
  • RENdez-vous | Are rising energy prices the new norm, like ever-increasing extreme weather?

    27 October 2021  14:00 - 15:30

    Where to meet: Online

    The recent energy crisis in the EU has shed light on its energy vulnerability, with soaring gas and electricity prices. Questions have been raised about energy security, energy sovereignty and the systemic transformation needed to decarbonise our energy systems. The effects of this transformation vary widely depending on country or regional specificities and might include geopolitics, demography, domestic politics, and environmental sustainability just to mention a few.

    During this RENdez-vous, join our expert guests to discuss key questions:

    • Are rising prices the new norm in this energy panorama?
    • How can we overcome this crisis without impacting RE image and undermining the low-carbon agenda needed for a net-zero future?
    • What would it take to build energy security and sovereignty for the future, and what is the role that RE can play?
    • Are we fully aware of the financial cost, social consequences and shifts in the global political dynamics?
    • How do we ensure a fair and positive transition for the players that could be left aside or suffer in this transition?

    Join the RENdez-vous on Wednesday 27 October to exchange and debate these questions.

    This event is open to all and will include brief commentaries followed by extensive small group discussions. Come prepared to engage and network!

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8 November 2021
  • dena Energy Transition Congress: Renewable Energy for Urban Decarbonisation

    8 November 2021  16:35 - 17:30

    Where to meet: Online and live

    At dena’s Energy Transition Congress "NeuKlimaLand" on 8 and 9 November 2021 in Berlin, the focus will be on how the path to climate neutrality can be shaped after the Bundestag elections. 

    REN21's Rana Adib will be speaking on the panel, "Future-proofing our cities: how urban decarbonisation works around the globe". This event not only seeks to address the specific challenges that city decarbonisation faces; it will also showcase innovative solutions from around the globe that have turned decarbonisation options into reality. The debates will focus on how cities can function as the key arenas of decarbonisation, and how innovative solutions can drive broader efforts of decarbonisation.

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10 November 2021
  • RENdez-vous Africa - What do renewables mean for Africa?

    10 November 2021  13:00 - 14:30

    Where to meet: Online

    In Africa, conversations around renewable energy need to move beyond those of basic energy access, climate mitigation and adaptation. While these are important, the uptake of renewables also needs to be discussed in the context of economic development and innovation; supporting broader societal development; and bolstering the extraordinary potential of the continent.

    But to succeed in securing the energy necessary for Africa’s development, we need to discuss candidly what renewable energy means for Africa.

    November 10 marks the first event in the new RENdez-vous Africa: Dialogue Series. Titled “What do Renewables Mean for Africa?”, the first event will bring together African players from both within and outside of the renewable sectors to exchange on this question. The event aims to start the process of identifying common interests and ways to broaden the energy discussion to non-energy sectors.

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