What we do

REN21 Secretariat


REN21 provides knowledge about what is happening now in the renewable energy sector and how the latest trends will impact future developments. We offer an open forum to discuss how to make the renewable energy future happen across sectors and disciplines.

REN21’s activities are clustered under two main blocks:

1. Knowledge: what’s happening now in the energy sector and what we think will happen.

2. Debates: discussing a renewable energy future with players both within and outside the energy sector.


REN21 believes in:

  • A clear vision: efficient, renewables-based energy systems are the future for all energy end-use sectors.
  • Informed decision-making: we provide high quality, up-to-date information to help shape the energy debate.
  • Compelling storytelling: sharing successful case studies from across the globe to demonstrate that the global transition to renewables can happen.
  • Inspiring people to act: building a worldwide community of players from governments, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, industry, science and academia.
  • Bridging divides: making renewable energy relevant to all decision-makers, by developing an understanding of relevant concerns in these sectors.

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REN21 has developed a unique renewable energy reporting culture, which includes:

  • Developing data collection processes that build on an international community of experts, allowing access to dispersed data and information that is often unwieldy and difficult to collect.
  • Consolidating formal (official) and informal (unofficial/unconventional) data from a wide range of sources in a collaborative, transparent way (e.g. by using extensive referencing).
  • Complementing and validating data and information through an open peer-review process.
  • Using that validated data and information to develop a fact-based narrative to help shape the global debate on the energy transition, as well as to monitor progress and inform decision-making processes.
  • Making data and information openly available so it can be used by people advocating for renewable energy use.


Each annual report details the activities that REN21 was involved in over the course of a given year.  Previous year financial accounts are also presented. You can find them here.