REN21 Academy

REN21 Secretariat


The REN21 Academy is co-organised with members of the REN21 community and is for the community. It takes place biennially in the years between the IRECs.

What is the purpose of the REN21 Academy?

The purpose of this event is to encourage discussions around topics that are relevant to the REN21 community and the larger issue of achieving an energy transition with renewables. Candid discussions among participants help stimulate new ideas and approaches to tackle these key topics, moving forward. The uptake of renewable energy and a transition to more sustainable future affect us all. The REN21 Academy provides a space where tough questions can be asked and answers debated.

What happens at the REN21 Academy?

The REN21 Academy is a smaller, more focused event than IREC; it is co-developed by and is for the REN21 Community. Community members gather to discuss the different ways the energy transition can happen. It is designed to be a thought-provoking event that brings good ideas to the forefront and inspires the community into action.

  • REN21 Academy is a multi-day event.
  • Hundreds of REN21 members, representing different countries, come together in one place.
  • Workshops deal with a variety of issues as identified by the Community, e.g. transport, heating and cooling, nexus issues like water and energy and broader themes such as  how to make renewables relevant to decision makers.

The REN21 Academy event embodies some of the key principles REN21 was founded on – collaboration, openness and the concept of the collective. More than a hundred members attend and participate in Academy events.