GSR2022 Peer Review is now live!


REN21’s annual Renewables Global Status Report is the most referenced report on renewable energy markets, industry and policy trends and we’re interested in what you would like to see in 2022’s edition. Access the full report here.

Crowd-sourced knowledge: Peer Review of the Full GSR2022 starts now! 

We are happy to announce that the full draft of REN21’s annual Renewables Global Status Report is now available for peer review!  

This review starts on 28 March and runs until 10 April. Access full draft of the GSR2022 here. Feel free to focus on the chapters and sections most closely aligned with your specific knowledge and expertise. The review draft includes the following draft chapters: 

  1. Global Overview 
  2. Policy Landscape 
  3. Market and Industry Trends, including Bioenergy, Geothermal Power and Heat, Heat Pumps, Hydropower, Ocean Power, Solar Photovoltaics, Concentrating Solar Thermal Power, Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling, Wind Power
  4. Distributed Renewables for Energy Access
  5. Investment Flows
  6. Renewables-based Energy Systems 
  7. Renewables in Cities 

 As we hope to make the draft more accessible, we are introducing a new software for peer review. Please make sure to add your name to the comments so we can revert to you in case of questions.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contributions! 

The Renewables Global Status Report is the most referenced report on renewable energy market, industry, and policy trends.  REN21’s reports draw on contributions from over 2,000 individuals — this is an international, collaborative effort and we value your input. By reviewing the GSR 2022, you too can make your voice heard and shape the renewable energy discussion. Join us! 

Share your feedback, review the full report

This year we have changed the review process. You might remember that you had the chance to review the extended outline of the GSR 2022 back in January. We have incorporated the depth of comments in this first draft of the full report. It is now ready for your expert review.  Share your feedback, fill data gaps and help us draw the right picture of developments in renewables last year.   As always, all contributors will be acknowledged in the final report. 

Next steps – launch mid-June 

What will happen after peer review? The REN21 team and chapter authors will go through your expert feedback and integrate it into the report. In case of questions, we would love to be able to reach out to you, so please remember to add your name before your comments. The GSR 2022 will be launched in mid-June. You will be the first to know! 

 Who would make a great contributor? Spread the word! 

Do you know anyone else who should contribute? We also invite you to share the invitation to peer review of the report draft with others who you believe may be a good fit for this project. We also invite you to share the news via social media (here is a Social Media Kit), or with the communications team in the organisations you are connected with. We would love to engage people who are outside of our network to develop greater diversity, which strengthens the quality of the report. 

 Should you encounter any difficulty accessing the online draft or if you have a question, please email us at We are happy to provide you with an offline copy!  

Do you know anyone else who you think should contribute?

We also invite you to share the invitation to peer review of the extended outline with others who you believe may be a good fit for this project.