Save the date: GSR2023 Renewables in Energy Supply Modules Launch event on 14 June

#GSR2023 – Energy Supply Modules launch virtual event

Wednesday 14 June 2023
11:30 CEST 
| Register here 

The Renewables in Energy Supply Module, our second publication from the 2023 Global Status Report will become available on June 13.

Following the successful launch of the renewables in energy demand modules in March, the Supply Module will feature the latest trends and data on renewable energy supply, including power, heat, and fuel, as well as current policy actions to accelerate renewables deployment, and technology trends.

The Renewables in Energy Supply Module addresses questions such as:

  • Is renewable electricity enough to fuel the world’s energy needs?
  • What renewable energy resources are dominating global deployment?
  • How do renewables in energy supply compare regionally?
  • Why are investors and policymakers still not turning 100% to renewable energy?

Join us at the presentation of the Report’s findings on June 14! The REN21 team will share key findings and regional data in a virtual event.

The third module of the GSR Collection will focus on Renewable Energy Systems and Infrastructure and will be released on the week of 19th June.

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