Global Futures Report: Renewables for Sustainable Transport

The Global Futures Report: Renewables for Sustainable Transport (GFR) explores ways to rapidly scale up renewable energy in the transport sector. Transport is one of the most energy-demanding sectors. It uses 30% of the total final energy consumed globally.

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Transport will consistently use more energy in the coming years, as demand for transport rises. Currently, however, renewables only make up 4% of the total energy consumed in transport. Their uptake is not increasing fast enough in the sector, posing the serious risk of growing dependence on fossil fuels. At the current rate, the transport sector is responsible for around 20% of global CO2 emissions. If renewables are not supported to replace fossil fuels as an energy source in transport, emissions may rise to even higher levels. Renewables, including renewable electricity, biofuels and renewables-based hydrogen, can mitigate emissions in the transport sector, enhance energy security and foster local supply chains.

The GFR examines divergent perspectives on the role of renewables in transport, underscores the need for tailored policies and strategies and offers critical guidance to stakeholders to advance towards a sustainable, renewables-based transport system.

This edition of the GFR falls under REN21’s activities as the renewable energy voice of the NDC Transport Initiative for Asia consortium. The initiative is a joint programme of seven organisations and is funded by the International Climate Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

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