Renewable Energy Task Force

REN21 Secretariat

The Renewable Energy Task Force (RETF) kicked off in May 2020, supported by a wide range of REN21 community experts. The REN21 community recognises several critical challenges that need to be tackled urgently to allow the much-anticipated renewables revolution to take place.

Against this backdrop, the RETF vision is to unify and amplify the renewables voice and enable renewables acceleration and energy system transformation for the sustainability of the economy, environment and society.

More specifically the mission of the RETF include three pillars of activity:

  • Identify key renewable energy-related issues, players and opportunities for intervention to advance the renewable energy agenda, and support local actors to push the renewable energy agenda;
  • inform and influence decision-makers on the need to prioritise renewables for meeting political, economic and social agendas; and 
  • provide knowledge and build capacities on priority topics for sustainable energy acceleration to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, as well as national and other development aspirations.

The RETF is currently structured around three workstreams: communication, alliance building and knowledge. Partners of the RETF can indicate their interests in working on any or all of the workstreams. 

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