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GSR 2015 Key Findings


31 RENEWABLES2015GLOBALSTATUSREPORT–KEYFINDINGS RESEARCH DIRECTOR AND LEAD AUTHORSHIP Janet L. Sawin Lead Author and Content Editor (Sunna Research) Freyr Sverrisson (Sunna Research) Wilson Rickerson (Meister Consultants Group) SECTION AUTHORS Christine Lins (REN21 Secretariat) Evan Musolino (Worldwatch Institute) Ksenia Petrichenko (Copenhagen Center on Energy Efficiency, C2E2) Wilson Rickerson (Meister Consultants Group) Janet L. Sawin (Sunna Research) Kristin Seyboth (KMS Research and Consulting) Jonathan Skeen Benjamin Sovacool (Danish Center for Energy Technology) Freyr Sverrisson (Sunna Research) Laura E. Williamson (REN21 Secretariat) SPECIAL ADVISOR Frank Wouters (Wouters Ltd.) PROJECT AND GSR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT (REN21 SECRETARIAT) Rana Adib (Coordination) Hannah E. Murdock RESEARCH AND COMMUNICATION SUPPORT (REN21 SECRETARIAT) Martin Hullin Ayla Reith Alana Valero Laura E. Williamson EDITING, DESIGN, AND LAYOUT Lisa Mastny, editor (Worldwatch Institute) Werbeagentur GmbH, design PRODUCTION REN21 Secretariat, Paris, France PHOTO CREDITS Page 5 shutterstock Page 11 Mac Arthur, Australia / © Courtesy of Vesta Wind System Page 12 Renewable Energy used to increase energy access in developing countries © ADB Page 14 Show the good project, Uganda / © Solar Sisters Page 14 Mac Arthur, Australia / © Courtesy of Vesta Wind System Page 17 Installation of solar decentralized renewable energy for energy access / © Soltys Page 20 Hellisheiði power plant, Iceand / © Kristján Pétursson Page 21 Hydropower as renewable energy source – the Limmernboden reservoir in Switzerland / © Andritz Page 22 Solar Panels / shutterstock Page 24 Wind power / shutterstock Page 25 Renewable Energy used to increase access to education / © OSRAM Page 28 Biogastadet, Amanda - Biogas supported train, Sweden / © Lasse Hejdenberg and Hejdlösa bilder Page 28 Milner Meats, Australia / © Alice Solar City and Clean Energy Council REN21 is committed to mobilising global action to meet SE4ALL objectives DISCLAIMER: REN21 releases issue papers and reports to emphasise the importance of renewable energy and to generate discussion on issues central to the promotion of renewable energy. While REN21 papers and reports have benefitted from the considerations and input from the REN21 community, they do not necessarily represent a consensus among network participants on any given point. Although the information given in this report is the best available to the authors at the time, REN21 and its participants cannot be held liable for its accuracy and correctness. PRODUCTION & AUTHORING TEAM

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