Partners & Contributors

REN21 Secretariat

Partners & Contributors

The production of the Renewables in Cities 2021 Global Status Report is a collaborative effort of many – more than 330 experts from around the world contributed data to this second edition. Thanks to our diverse community of energy and city experts, data contributors, city contributors, regional contributors and topical contributors, we were able to produce a comprehensive, representative and high-quality report.

The Renewables in Cities 2021 Global Status Report has been co-developed with an Advisory Committee. Their joint expertise and work have been fundamental to guide the development of this report, including defining the report outline, supporting data collection and reviewing report drafts.

Renewable energy in cities from the viewpoint of some of our Advisory Committee members

Peta Wolpe
Sustainable Energy Africa

“Renewable energy provides a huge opportunity both in terms of job opportunities and providing access to safe and affordable energy in sub-Saharan Africa. Renewable energy is essential if we are to address the catastrophic challenges of climate change and issues of energy poverty and access to safe and affordable energy.
This report can assist in scaling up action and could serve to emphasise the need for the energy debate to be prioritised within the city sphere.”

“The Renewables in Cities Global Status Report shows both the amazing untapped potential of producing local energy in cities and the lack of vision, planning, supporting tools provided by national legislation in a wide majority of the globe. It is therefore a precious tool to identify the policy gaps and inspire governments.”

Claire Roumet
Energy Cities

Martina Otto
United Nations Environment Programme

“We often think of energy as being a matter of national affairs, and of course it is.  However, cities have proven how they can use their own jurisdiction to advance climate action by driving an urban energy transition, acting as planners, regulators, financiers and owners and operators of urban infrastructure. This report encourages leadership and provides inspiration to take action”

“Energy connects the physical, human and ecological elements of a city. The more sustainable it is, the more harmonious the connection among these elements becomes. This is not just another renewable energy report. This is a tangible testimony of the global energy transformation, a celebration of the multiple benefits that cities can harvest by transiting to a decarbonised and resilient economy.”

Tabaré Currás

Pandora Batra

“In a month where air pollution levels in New Delhi have reached up to 400 times healthy levels, and more cities than ever are facing diverse and devastating climate hazards, the transition to renewable energy has never been so critical. This report is the first city focused dive into the current state of renewable energies around the world. At CDP we know that cities cannot manage what they don’t measure.”