Renewables 2024 Global Status Report – Energy Supply module

Renewable power has seen record growth, despite massive fossil fuel subsidies, but renewable heat and fuels are lagging behind, according to the new Energy Supply Module of the Renewables 2024 Global Status Report. 

The Energy Supply Module launched 19 June at the Smarter E Europe Conference in Munich, Germany. The report delves into progress on renewables and examines the distribution of energy among carriers, spotlighting critical obstacles.

Despite record deployments in the power sector, renewables are still struggling to keep pace with growing global demand for energy, while little progress is being made in the transition to renewable heat and fuels. Renewables are being held back by wide disparities in investments and focus across different energy carriers, regions and technologies; inadequate policy integration to align energy consumption and supply; and delays in infrastructure development. This is the conclusion drawn in the Renewables in Energy Supply module of the Renewables 2024 Global Status Report (GSR 2024).

Without structural transformations and reforms of the fossil-fuelled energy system, building resilient, renewables-based economies and societies is impossible.

Energy Supply Module launch event

Join us on Wednesday, 26 June, at 13:00 UTC for an in-depth look at the Energy Supply Module of the Renewables 2024 Global Status Report.

The Renewable in Energy Supply Module of the Renewables 2024 Global Status Report will launch at the Smarter E Europe Conference in Munich, Germany, on 19 June.

Tune into our online Supply Module event on 26 June to hear from the experts behind this third Module and discover the latest trends in global renewable energy supply, with highlights on the way final energy is supplied and delivered by different energy carriers and technologies. 

As always, we count on you to enrich the discussions and share the invitation across your channels and networks. Register today and prepare your questions ahead – there will be plenty of time for discussion.

Renewables 2024 Global Status Report – Energy Supply Module  Key Findings Event
Wednesday | 26 June | 13:00 UTC
Register here to attend the key findinds event

Dive into the Renewables 2024 Global Status Report

Since 2023, REN21 has been releasing the Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) as a collection of modules to rigorously cover the energy system from its different elements, including demand, supply, systems and infrastructure, and economic and social value creation.

This Energy Supply Module follows the first two modules of the GSR 2024 series – the Global Overview and the Energy Demand Module – which provide the status of renewables in the wider energy system and in the context of global challenges such as climate change, development goals, and the geopolitical landscape.

The upcoming Modules will explore different aspects of the energy system, including systems and infrastructure; and economic and social value creation.

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