Global RENdez-vous: Connecting the Dots – Renewables for Sustainable Development

Connecting the Dots: Renewables for Sustainable Development

Wednesday 15 July 2021
Time: 12:00pm – 13:30pm CEST

When people think about energy and development, especially in a developing country’s context, they typically think about providing access to electricity or fuel for clean cooking.

But renewable energy underpins all forms of development and its contribution can be measured through a variety of indicators including jobs, agriculture production, economic growth, etc. Renewable energy also supports development by ensuring energy sovereignty, freeing up financial resources for infrastructure development, healthcare, education, among others.

Despite this, energy and development often remain as two different discourses. Why is this the case?  How can renewables support widespread sustainable development? How do we frame the discourse so that it is renewables, not fossil fuels, that meet the clarion call for energy for development?

During this RENdez-vous, participants and experts discussed development and renewable energy: on the links, the possibilities and the challenges that exist when truly accelerating renewable energy for all development, particularly in the developing countries context. The event included brief presentations. This was followed by an extensive Q&A and discussion with the audience. The small group discussions provided an opportunity to network and have engaging dialogues to learn how we can strategically collaborate.

Guest Speakers

Watch the video recording

The video of the event is available to watch here.

What is a RENdez-vous?

REN21 hosts these events to inspire and to offer opportunities to learn and share across sectors. While each event is unique, one thing remains consistent: at every RENdez-vous there is time to meet and network with people from the greater renewables community, inclusive of many different sectors. Learn more and join the next event…

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