RENdez-vous series for Southeast Asia | Policy: Strategising the Energy Transition in Southeast Asia

Policy and Governance: From Fossil Fuels to Renewables – Strategising the Energy Transition in Southeast Asia

Thursday 22 July 2021

This was the first of a 3-part series of RENdez-vous for Southeast Asia. Participants and thematic experts discussed the status of coal phase-out and fossil fuel subsidy reform, whether natural gas is indispensable for energy transition, and how to best strategise the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables for Southeast Asia.

Leading voices joined from across the renewable energy sectors and beyond to explore how we can strategically collaborate in making the energy transition happen. This event included brief presentations followed by an extensive Q&A with the audience.

Guest Speakers

Watch the video recording

The video of the event is available to watch here.

Strategic Discussions for the Energy Transition in Southeast Asia

Many of Southeast Asia’s economies are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels and have yet to accelerate their uptake of renewables. According to WEF’s Energy Transition Index 2021 (which measures system performance and transition readiness), Singapore is indexed 21st among 115 countries, followed by Malaysia (39th), Thailand (55th), Vietnam (65th), the Philippines (67th), Indonesia (71st), Brunei (82nd) and Cambodia (93rd). The remaining countries excluded from the index are the least-developed economies: Lao PDR, Myanmar and Timor-Leste.

However, renewable-focused players in Southeast Asia are numerous and dynamic. In discussions with these players and building on their strengths, this new event series aims to create open discussions, asking: what are the barriers, the challenges and opportunities for Southeast Asia to move away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy? The RENdez-vous series brings together key players from governments, industry, civil society, and research.

The three events in the series are as follows:

  • Policy and Governance: From Fossil Fuels to Renewables – Strategising the Energy Transition in Southeast Asia – 22 July
  • Technology: Re-imagining Renewable Energy Technology Futures for Southeast Asia – 19 August (Click for details, slides and the video recording.)
  • Capital: Accelerating Investment in Renewables: Challenges and Opportunities – 22 September (Click for details.)

What is a RENdez-vous?

REN21 hosts these events to inspire and to offer opportunities to learn and share across sectors. While each event is unique, one thing remains consistent: at every RENdez-vous there is time to meet and network with people from the greater renewables community, inclusive of many different sectors. Learn more and join the next event…