RENdez-vous | Are rising energy prices the new norm, like ever-increasing extreme weather?

Are rising energy prices the new norm, like ever-increasing extreme weather?

Wednesday 27 October 2021
Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm CEST (convert to your time zone)

The recent energy crisis in the EU has shed light on its energy vulnerability, with soaring gas and electricity prices. Questions have been raised about energy security, energy sovereignty and the systemic transformation needed to decarbonise our energy systems. The effects of this transformation vary widely depending on country or regional specificities and might include geopolitics, demography, domestic politics, and environmental sustainability just to mention a few.

During this RENdez-vous, join our expert guests to discuss key questions:

  • Are rising prices the new norm in this energy panorama?
  • How can we overcome this crisis without impacting the image of renewables and undermining the low-carbon agenda needed for a net-zero future?
  • What would it take to build energy security and sovereignty for the future, and what is the role that renewables can play?
  • Are we fully aware of the financial cost, social consequences and shifts in the global political dynamics?
  • How do we ensure a fair and positive transition for the players that could be left aside or suffer in this transition?

Join the RENdez-vous on Wednesday 27 October to exchange and debate these questions.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Bram Claeys (Senior Advisor at the Regulatory Assistance Project)
  • Tracy Ledger (Senior Researcher at PARI in Johannesburg)
  • Eleanor Morrison (Visiting Lecturer at Sciences Po Paris)
  • Ivo Schmidt (Deputy Head of Unit, Economic Analysis and Foresight, Recovery at European Commission, DG ENER)

This event is open to all and will include brief commentaries followed by extensive small group discussions. Come prepared to engage and network!

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