RENdez-vous Africa: What roles can renewables play in securing Africa’s food future?

What roles can renewables play in securing Africa’s food future?

Date: Wednesday 18 January 2023

Time: 14:00 – 15:30 Central Africa Time (12:00 – 13:30 GMT)

Energy is an important input in agricultural production and for achieving food security. It powers mechanized cultivation and harvesting, irrigation, food processing, storage and transportation of produce. In Africa, progress to mordenise agricultural systems to ensure higher yields and reduce wastage has lagged due to insufficient energy inputs and use of crude equipment. We need to align actions to improve and transform both energy and agriculture systems, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Mainstreaming renewables in Africa’s food systems requires a number of key factors: building data and information base to guide energy investments; Increasing access to climate finance and innovation funds; catalysing and strengthening cross-sectoral policy integration and multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Building on our current series on Renewables for Local Value Creation, this RENdez-vous Africa event will discuss how renewables can help.

  • Where could renewables be applied in agri-food systems to support food security?
  • What role can renewables play in transforming agri-food systems to ensure higher yields and reduce wastage?
  • How can we increase linkages between renewables and food systems?

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What is RENdez-vous Africa?

REN21 hosts these events to inspire and to offer opportunities to learn and share across sectors. While each event is unique, one thing remains consistent: at every RENdez-vous there is time to meet and network with people from the greater renewables community, inclusive of many different sectors. Learn more and join the next event…

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