RENdez-vous Africa: What role do renewables play in energising Africa’s healthcare?

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Wednesday, 22 March
Time: 14:00 – 15:30 Central Africa Time

Energy in healthcare is the difference between life and death. It powers water supply, temperature control, lighting, refrigeration, and ventilation to a huge range of clinical equipment and vital medical devices. Many hospitals and clinics across Africa have little to no access to energy leading to spoiled medicines and vaccines, the inability to use essential medical and diagnostic devices, and complications in treatments. We need to align actions to improve and transform Africa’s health systems through renewables.

  • Where could renewables be applied in health systems to support health security?
  • How do renewables contribute to the transformation of healthcare systems to boost well-being and reduce mortality?
  • How can we increase linkages between renewables and healthcare systems?

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What is RENdez-vous Africa?

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