REN21 at COP25

REN21 will be attending the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid, Spain from 2 to 13 December 2019.

Our focus for this COP is to engage with different players around the role of cities in driving the energy transition.  Our newly launched Renewables in Cities Global Status Report will the starting point.  From presenting the cities report to moderating events on various end-sectors like transport and heating, REN21 is looking forward to connecting with, and expanding our community to broaden the debate on how to speed renewable energy uptake to meet climate mitigation and adaptation commitments. See below for a list of our activities

Cities report

Cities have a unique role to play in accelerating the sustainable energy transition. More than half the world’s population (55%) lives in cities today, and cities account for two-thirds of global energy demand and around 75% of global CO2 emissions.  However, comparable data are lacking on city-level renewable energy targets, policies and action. REN21’s newest report, the Renewables in Cities 2019 Global Status Report, consolidates city data in the first in what is to become an annual stock-take of the global transition to renewable energy at the city-level. This report will be continued into an annual series that will build up reliable data on and create a comprehensive picture of renewable energy developments in cities globally. This makes it possible to better inform decision-makers both in cities and in the wider energy arena.

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COP25 Main events by REN21

Action Hub – Cities: How they can drive renewable energy uptake

Thursday, 5 December | 15:00-15:45 | MP Action Hub

Cities can integrate renewable energy, alongside energy efficiency, into urban planning, municipal policies and regulation, purchasing renewables for public buildings. They can also enable citizens, businesses and other actors to scale-up renewables. In return, renewables can support cities in achieving objectives that go beyond providing energy services such as creating cleaner, more livable, and sustainable cities while promoting security, and a better quality of life. This fast paced, interactive event will give the audience a new perspective on the central role of cities in driving the energy transition and consequently new ways to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Advancing Sustainable Cities: Renewables as the key to the climate, energy and mobility transition: Official COP25 Side Event

Friday, 6 December | 18:30-20:00 | UNFCCC Side event room 4

This side event, organised by REN21, CAN Arab World and UEMI, will discuss how developing integrated approaches around renewable energy can help cities address climate, energy and sustainable development. REN21 Executive Secretary Rana Adib will moderate this session, where Lea Ranalder will present the newest Renewables in Cities Status Report and more speakers will share experiences from around the world (see below) and discuss how to align policies across national, sub-national and city levels to support sustainable cities and their uptake of renewables. There will be plenty of time for discussion!


  • Debra Roberts, IPCC Co-Chair- Working Group II
  • Haneen Shaheen, Board Member – CAN-Arab World
  • Oliver Lah, Head – Urban Electric Mobility Initiative
  • Dina Kisbi, Program Manager – Friedrich Ebert Stiftunting- Jordan

Renewables in Cities: Key to the energy transition, climate mitigation and adaptation

Thursday, 12 December | 14:30-15:45 | UN DESA/UNFCCC Pavilion
This session will share regional experiences of climate and energy issues and discuss how to align policies across national, sub-national and city levels to support sustainable cities. Executive Secretary Rana Adib will present key findings from the Renewables in Cities Global Status Report, and Minister Svenja Schulze will discuss the importance of vertical integration for implementing ambitious climate targets. Following these two speakers, there will be a panel discussion on how cities are driving the energy transition with input from DG DEVCO, ICLEI and UN-Habitat, followed by a Q&A.

REN21 will be hosting a stand (Booth 27) on Friday and Saturday, 6-7 December. Come and collect a copy of our latest report and meet the team.

Additional Events

In addition to these main events, there are also a number of other events in which we will be talking about how the uptake of renewables by cities and end-use sectors can help countries meet their NDC obligations.

Wednesday, 4 December

  • RElectrifying NDCs: More Ambition through 100% RE
    10:00-11:15 |  Panda Hub (WWF Pavilion)
  • WWF-SE Cities
    11:15- | Panda Hub (WWF Pavilion) 

Thursday, 5 December

  • NDC mitigation/adaptation for Buildings
    9:00-10:00 | NDC Hub
  • Cool Coalition
    13:00 | Panda Hub (WWF Pavilion)

Friday, 6 December

  • Transport Day 2019 w/ SLoCaT (on behalf of PPMC)
    10:15-11:45 | Chilean Pavilion

Tuesday, 10 December

  • Stronger Together: Showcasing Success of Renewable Energy Technologies Working Together
    13:15-14:45 | Room 5

Friday, 13 December

  • Green to Scale: Climate Solutions from Nordic Cities
    12:00-13:00 | Nordic Pavilion – Hall 6