Participate in the Asia and the Pacific Renewable Energy Status Report

Asia is Earth’s largest and most populous continent. It covers an area of 44,579,000 square kilometres equivalent to approximately 30% of Earth’s total land area. Asia is the fastest growing region in the world, which requires increasing energy supplies to fuel its rapid pace of economic expansion. Energy consumption and economic output in many parts of Asia have been growing in tandem over the last two decades.  Primary energy demand in the South-eastern Asian countries for example is forecasted to increase about 4.7% annually to 2035.

The considerable renewable energy resources in the region (particularly solar, wind, hydro and geothermal) can go a long way to meeting expanding demand, most notably in the electricity sector where renewables nowadays account for 26% of its global production. Renewable energy also presents an opportunity for the region to achieve a globally important position in the renewable energy market, which is likely to become the cornerstone of the low-carbon, green economy of the future.

It is against this background that REN21, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific (UN ESCAP) have joined forces to produce a regional report to better understand current renewable energy developments:

Work on the report is well underway. Peer Review for the report will start in July and last for two weeks. During this period, anyone who is interested in contributing to the report will be able to review it and provide comments, helping to fill data gaps and strengthen the report. We will also be collecting inputs and feedback on the report at the Asian Clean Energy Forum 2019 where our Community Manager, Vibhushree Hamirwasia, will present preliminary insights drawn from data collection process so far. Be a part of the first status report on renewables for the Asia and the Pacific Region.

The Asia and the Pacific Renewable Energy Status Report is produced in cooperation with the ADB and the UN ESCAP the report will be a launched during the International Renewable Energy Conference Seoul, known as KIREC, that will take place next 23-25 October.

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