Join REN21 at the Spanish International Renewable Energy Conference in Madrid, Spain



The Spanish International Renewable Energy Conference (SPIREC) will take place from 20 to 23 February in Madrid. The SPIREC is co-hosted by the Spanish Government and REN21. 



Despite the unprecedented global energy crisis and commitments to climate change, the energy transition is at a standstill. At this point, SPIREC aims to make the biggest global energy crisis in history a game-changing opportunity to build a more secure, resilient – and sustainable – energy system, bringing a new economy. Over 60 high-level representatives, renewable energy top voices, and other sector leaders will join to exchange energy security and sovereignty with renewables, meeting the energy demand in all sectors or anchoring renewables at the heart of society, amongst other topics.


Listen to the welcome remark from Joan Groizard, CEO of Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía. 

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Program and Tracks







-Track 1: Stable Energy Supply, Energy Security and Sovereignty with Renewables

This track addresses the foundations necessary to build a stable new energy order around renewables such as securing energy supply and the supply of materials and technology, developing infrastructure and strengthening global, regional and local supply chains.  

-Track 2: Renewables: Meeting the Energy Demand in All Sectors

This track explores ways to meet the increasing energy demand in non-energy sectors like buildings, industry, transport and agriculture and the choices that can be made on the type of fuel including renewable power, thermal energy, or renewable-based fuels such as biofuels, green hydrogen, ammonia and synthetic fuels.

-Track 3: Seize the Opportunity: Building a New Economy with Renewables

This track explores the necessary industrial developments needed to ramp up renewables and how to ensure local and equitable value creation, and the rules that need to be changed.

-Track 4: People at the Centre: Renewables at the Heart of Society

This track will look into ways to inspire and build trust to make the energy transition “work” for all actors. It will also explore ways for players from government, industry and civil society to work together to reach this goal.  

-Track 5: Innovation to Fast-track and Scale-up Renewables

This track will look outside the box for ways to trigger structural transformation in thought processes, business models and creative solutions for the rapid scale up of renewables.


Media and outreach

REN21 created a dedicated Trello board to share social media campaign assets for #SPIREC2023. Feel free to use any materials that have been listed on the board; if you have any suggestions/questions,  please contact:;