Join REN21 at Global RENdezVous Post COP28: Shaping the Way Forward to Achieve the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Target

Join us on January 24, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM CET for the final session of our Global RENdez Vous Series: A Global Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Target for National and Regional Implementation.Session 3. Post COP28: Shaping the Way Forward to Achieve the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency TargetWednesday | 24 January 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM CET | Register hereBuilding on the outcome of COP28, the final event of the series will focus on the way forward to collectively build on the successful outcomes during COP28 and move from “target to implementation“. The announcement of a global renewable energy and energy efficiency target was a crucial step for the energy transition, but global targets need to be adapted into national and subnational plans in accordance with countries‘ economic and societal realities for an equitable systemic transformation.Renewables at COP28COP28 marked a defining moment for renewable energy and energy efficiency. For the first time in the history of climate talks, we witnessed heightened momentum around renewables and governments’ commitment by making renewable energy and energy efficiency part of the COP28 text, the UAE Consensus.At COP28, REN21 joined the International Renewable Energy Agency and the Global Renewables Alliance as a strategic partner at their Global Renewables Hub, ensuring renewables seized the spotlight at the COP28 stage and supporting the #3x campaign to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030.REN21 has been organising this Global Rendez-Vous series since October 2023 to bring clarity around the global target, create space to exchange perspectives, and build support in view of its potential to send clear signals to markets and investors of the pressing need to speed the deployment and uptake of renewable energy.Thank you to those of you who joined our past discussions. In case you missed the first two sessions, you can catch the recordings here and here.About the Global RENdezvous SeriesThe Global RENdezvous series serves as a cornerstone of REN21’s activities, galvanising the global renewable energy community to advocate for the systemic transformation that positions renewables as the backbone of our economies. One of REN21’s flagship dialogue series, which began in 2021, the Global RENdez-vous series, has brought together change-makers and visionaries, fostering substantive discourse on renewable energy across diverse regions.

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