How can I become part of the REN21 Community?

We know none of us is powerful enough to reach the goal of ending the fossil fuel economy alone. That is why REN21 places collaboration and participation at the heart of our work.

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The REN21 Community or the “power of many”

REN21’s community gathers experts from science, academia, governments, NGOs and industry from all over the world. With over 2,000 people it reflects a vast array of backgrounds and perspectives in society. They are energy and non-energy players. They focus on different renewable sources or technologies, political aspects or themes, but they all share the goal of creating a renewable energy system.

The community guides all REN21 activities. It collects and reviews the latest global renewable energy data, highlights progress, identifies shortcomings and provides references.

This community also enables REN21 to produce its annual Renewables Global Status Report (GSR), its annual Renewables in Cities Global Status Report (REC), as well as thematic and regional reports.

Three benefits from engaging with the REN21 Community

  • Be part of a community of international experts. Work with us to
    catalyse change and influence the way the world thinks about renewables and the energy sector more broadly.
  • Enlarge your professional network and competence. Enjoy activities that build collective knowledge shared and owned by many.
  • Use our platform to showcase your work. Get recognised as an authoritative voice in the international renewable energy sphere. Engage the community as multipliers for your messages.

Husain Mogaibel
Islamic Development Bank

“REN21 is a very valuable network and is useful in helping the Bank draft its strategy with its member countries in the energy sector. REN21 has extensive knowledge and acts as a global coordinator for the entire sector, bringing stakeholders together, reducing weaknesses and amplifying strengths.”

How can I get involved?

  • Subscribe to the newsletter

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  • Take part in data collection and peer review for REN21 reports.

The production of our reports is a collaborative effort. Since its start in 2005, over 1,500 experts have contributed to the Renewables Global Status Report (GSR).

You can contribute data or information on a country, region, technology, or topic, and/or participate as a peer reviewer of report drafts. Reports include the industry standard Renewables Global Status Report, the new Renewables in Cities Global Status Report (REC), the Global Futures Report (GFR), and various regional and thematic reports. Express your interest in contributing on our Get Involved page.

  • Join REN21 events

View our Let’s Meet Up page to stay up to date on all of our events and speaking engagements.

International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC)

The world’s largest gathering of renewable energy players, where government, private sector and civil society meet. The discussions focus on policies and experiences to advance renewables at the international, national and sub-national levels. The IREC is hosted by a national government and takes place biennially.

REN21 Academy

A biennial event developed by, and for, the REN21 community. Members meet and discuss how to spur the shift from fossil fuels to renewables energies.  transition. The Academy’s structure reflects REN21’s collaborative and transparent culture.

  • Help us spread the word on renewable energy

REN21 makes all communication material freely available. You will find presentations, infographics, figures and stories which you can use to spread the message.

– Participate in our social media campaigns.
– Invite us to present the findings of our reports at your next event.

Contact for more details on these opportunities.

  • Apply for a seat on our governing bodies

Organisations can apply for membership in REN21’s General Assembly, or to serve on our Steering Committee or Bureau. Visit our Membership page to learn more.