GSR 2023 Peer Review is now live!

Are you ready to review the GSR 2023 Renewables in Energy Demand Full Draft 

Crowd-sourced knowledge: Peer Review of the Full GSR2023 starts now! 

As the world’s only crowd-sourced report on renewable energy, REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) is in a class of its own. It covers policies, markets, and much more, while telling the most up-to-date global story on renewable energy.   

Since 2005, the GSR team has worked with the report’s many contributors to put the spotlight on ongoing developments and emerging trends that shape the future of renewables. Producing this report each year is a truly collaborative effort of hundreds of experts and volunteers contributing data, reviewing chapters and co-authoring the report.  

After successfully launching the review of the Outline of the Renewables in Energy Demand modules with more than 120 contributors, it is now time to review the full draft. This review opened on 16 January and runs until 29 January. Access the full draft of the GSR2023 here. 

Feel free to focus on the modules and sections most closely aligned with your specific knowledge and expertise. The review draft includes the Renewables in Energy Demand modules which cover the four main energy demand sectors: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Buildings 
  • Industry  
  • Transport 
  • The content will be primarily based on data from 2022 (or, if unavailable, the latest available data). 

To make the draft more accessible, we will continue using SharePoint for peer review as in previous rounds. Please make sure to add your name to the comments so that we may revert to you in case of questions. 

Thank you in advance for your valuable contributions! 

Other dates to keep in mind 

  • March 2023– Launch of Renewables in Energy Demand module
  • May 2023 – Launch of Renewables in Energy Supply module 
  • May 2023 – Launch of Renewable Energy Systems and Infrastructure module 
  • June 2023 – Major launch of the full GSR 2023 collection along with the Global Overview and a new module covering Economic and Social Value Creation of Renewables. 


What will happen after peer review? The REN21 team and chapter authors will go through your expert feedback and integrate it into the report. In case of questions, we would love to be able to reach out to you, so please remember to add your name before your comments. 

Do you know anyone else who you think should contribute?

We also invite you to share the invitation to peer review of the extended outline with others who you believe may be a good fit for this project.