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GSR 2023 Collection published modules

Global Overview

The Global Overview synthesises all of the modules and discusses the status of renewable energy in the context of global challenges such as climate change, sustainable development goals, and geopolitics.

Global Overview

Renewables for Economic and Social Value Creation Module

The Renewables for Economic and Social Value Creation Module illustrates the wide range of benefits that renewable energy has the potential to bring in creating jobs, reducing pollution, improving the environment, advancing gender equality, improving energy security, and providing energy security in areas with no energy access.

Renewables for Economic and Social Value Creation

Renewables in Energy Supply Module

The Renewables in Energy Supply Module delves into the intricacies of renewable energy progress, examining energy distribution among carriers and addressing critical obstacles. It is the second in a five-piece collection released this year and represents the collaborative efforts of hundreds of contributors who share the ambition is to provide irrefutable and unbiased facts and knowledge to propel the global wave of change.

Renewables in Energy Supply

Renewables in Energy Demand Modules

The Renewables in Energy Demand Modules cover the uptake of renewables across the Buildings, Industry, Transport, and Agriculture sectors.

Renewables in Energy Demand

Download all modules’ reports and materials of the Renewables 2023 Global Status Report (GSR) or explore the interactive online version here.

The Renewables Global Status Report goes modular

Since 2005, REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) has spotlighted ongoing developments and emerging trends that shape the future of renewables. It is a collaborative effort involving hundreds of experts. This year’s edition (18th) has evolved in design and structure to reflect the fundamental changes in the global energy landscape.

The new structure is in the form of a collection of five publications:

In addition to presenting the trends in renewable energy supply, it also dives into the energy demand sectors, with dedicated modules on buildings, industry, transport and agriculture. It includes a publication on energy systems and infrastructure with renewables, as well as a publication on renewables for economic and social value creation, acknowledging the key role that energy plays across economies and societies.
A final systemic global overview offers readers a cross-cutting view on the current uptake of renewables.

This new structure makes the GSR a key tool in expanding the renewable energy discussion into key sectors and ecosystems, developing a shared language and driving a stronger integration of supply, demand, infrastructure, market and investment.

What is the new GSR 2023 structure?

The Renewables Global Status Report shifted to become the Renewables Global Status Report collection. Its essence as a summary report remains the same, but now the GSR collection is divided into a sequence of modules published throughout the year, comprising 

   1. Global Overview  

   2. Renewables in Energy Demand:

      • Agriculture
      • Buidings
      • Industry
      • Transport

   3. Renewables in Energy Supply 

      • Bioenergy  
      • Hydrogen 
      • Geothermal  
      • Heat Pumps  
      • Hydropower 
      • Ocean Power 
      • Concentrating Solar Thermal Power  
      • Solar PV  
      • Solar Thermal  
      • Wind Power  

   4. Energy Systems and Infrastructure for Renewables  

      • Energy Efficiency 
      • Grid Transmission and Distribution 
      • Flexibility 
      • Energy Storage 
      • Demand-Side Management 

   5. Renewables for Economic and Social Value Creation

   6. Special Feature: Policies in Focus

   7. Special Feature: Cities in Focus

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