Solar Subsidies

Essen, Germany has launched both a solar programme and a green roof programme in the city. Based on a council decision in June 2021, the municipality started in January 2022 to provide financial subsidies for households and businesses to install solar PV and solar thermal systems. This is part of Essen’s target to deploy more than 2,200 new solar PV installations by 2026, which would double the number of existing installations. Under the new regulation, the city will subsidise solar PV systems of up to 40 kW, with the subsidy amount dependent on the system size. Additional funding is provided for systems that couple solar PV with a green roof or are installed on building façades. The policy also supports community energy projects at multi-family residences, with a higher financial incentive for existing buildings. Solar thermal systems receive a subsidy as well, with the amount varying depending on whether the system is used for hot water or heating purposes.

The project has an annual budget of EUR 500,000 (USD 566,200). In addition, Sparkasse bank in Essen supports the initiative by providing a low interest rate to individuals for project loans of up to EUR 20,000 (USD 22,650). Implementation of the funding programme and possible further adjustments were to be evaluated in summer 2022.

Source: See endnote 103 in chapter 07.

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