Geothermal Heat Use in Agriculture

Agricultural practices can require prolonged, high-temperature heat to yield final food products. Globally, communities and companies have been using the by-product heat from nearby geothermal plants to help improve processes for local producers. Because of its proximity to the geothermally active Ring of Fire area, Latin America has the potential for an estimated 70 GW of geothermal energy. In El Salvador, where 27% of electricity comes from geothermal energy, the rural communities of Ahuachapán and Berlin use waste heat to dry fruits, displacing fossil fuel-intensive processes Condensation from the nearby geothermal power plant is used to water the plants sold by the communities. In Costa Rica, the Ministry of Environment and Energy has published a law related to the direct use of geothermal resources, including in agriculture.

Source: See endnote 45 in chapter 03.

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