Gender-Integrated Energy Access Programmes

Solar Sister, a network of women entrepreneurs operating across several countries in Africa, has provided 3 million people with access to clean energy as of April 2022. The social enterprise is unique because of its focus on empowering women to build sustainable businesses in their communities. The programme recruits, trains, and supports women entrepreneurs, and supplies them with off-grid solar products (such as solar lighting) and clean cook stoves to sell.

Solar Sister provides support to rural communities, generates revenue for women entrepreneurs and increases access to clean energy sources. As of early 2022, the network had sold more than 613,000 clean energy products, generating additional income for over 8,600 households and supporting some 6,800 women entrepreneurs. Products sold by the Solar Sister entrepreneurs have avoided the emission of more than 946,763 metric tonnes of CO2.

Source: See endnote 45 in chapter 04.

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