Crowd-sourced knowledge and data

The REN21 community is at the heart of REN21's data and reporting culture. Collectively, hundreds of experts make REN21 reports among the world's most comprehensive crowd-sourced and peer-reviewed publications on renewables. This unique reporting and verification process makes REN21 a globally recognised data and knowledge broker.

REN21 reports that carry the *REN21 Crowd-Sourced Knowledge and Data* stamp verify that the following collaborative process was applied:

  • Developing data collection methods that build on a global multi-stakeholdercommunity of experts from diverse sectors, enabling access to dispersed data andinformation that frequently are not consolidated and are difficult to collect.
  • Consolidating formal (official) and informal (unofficial/unconventional) data gatheredfrom a wide range of sources in a collaborative and transparent way, for example, by using extensive referencing.
  • Complementing and validating data and information in an open peer-review process.
  • Obtaining expert input on renewable energy trends through interviews and personal communication between the REN21 team and authors.
  • Using validated data and information to provide fact-based evidence and to develop a supportive narrative to shape the sectoral, regional or global debate on the energy transition, monitor advancements and inform decision processes.
  • Making data and information openly available and clearly documenting our sources so they can be used by people in their work to advocate for renewable energy.
  • Using crowd-sourced data to develop a shared language and create an understanding as the foundation for collaboration.

Over 650 experts contributed to the GSR 2022, working alongside an international authoring team and the REN21 Secretariat.

More than 2,000 sources were used to compile the GSR 2022.

For more information, see the Methodological Notes section on data collection and validation.