The UN Secretary-General’s initiative Sustainable Energy for All mobilises global action to achieve universal access to modern energy services, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency and double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030. REN21’s Renewables 2017 Global Status Report contributes to this initiative by demonstrating the role of renewables in increasing energy access. A chapter on distributed renewable energy – based on input from local experts primarily from developing countries – illustrates how renewables are providing needed energy services and contributing to a better quality of life through the use of modern cooking, heating/cooling and electricity technologies. REN21 is working closely with the SEforALL initiative towards achieving the three objectives of the Decade for Sustainable Energy for All (2014–2024).

The Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment report (GTR), formerly Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment, was first published by the Frankfurt School–UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance in 2011. This annual report was produced previously (starting in 2007) under UNEP’s Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative (SEFI). It grew out of efforts to track and publish comprehensive information about international investments in renewable energy. The latest edition of this authoritative annual report tells the story of the most recent developments, signs and signals in the financing of renewable power and fuels. It explores the issues affecting each type of investment, technology and type of economy. The GTR is produced jointly with Bloomberg New Energy Finance and is the sister publication to the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report (GSR). The latest edition was released in April 2017 and is available for download at


Janet L. Sawin (Sunna Research)

Kristin Seyboth (KMS Research and Consulting)

Freyr Sverrisson (Sunna Research)


Rana Adib

Hannah E. Murdock


Fabiani Appavou (Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Mauritius)

Adam Brown

Ilya Chernyakhovskiy (NREL and 21st Century Power Partnership)

Bärbel Epp (solrico)

Lon Huber (Strategen Consulting)

Christine Lins (REN21 Secretariat)

Jeffrey Logan (NREL and 21st Century Power Partnership)

Lorcan Lyons (Lorcan Lyons Consulting)

Michael Milligan (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and 21st Century Power Partnership)

Evan Musolino

Thomas Nowak (European Heat Pump Association)

Pia Otte (Centre for Rural Research)

Janet L. Sawin (Sunna Research)

Kristin Seyboth (KMS Research and Consulting)

Jonathan Skeen (SOLA Future Energy)

Benjamin Sovacool (Aarhus University / University of Sussex)

Freyr Sverrisson (Sunna Research)

Bert Witkamp (AVERE, The European Association for Electromobility)

Owen Zinaman (NREL and 21st Century Power Partnership)


Adam Brown


Isobel Edwards, Martin Hullin, Linh H. Nguyen, Satrio S. Prillianto, Katharina Satzinger


Laura E. Williamson, Lewis Ashworth


Kelly Rigg (The Varda Group)


Lisa Mastny, Editor Werbeagentur GmbH, Design


REN21 Secretariat, Paris, France


Jenny Corry (Collaborative Labelling and Standards Partnership - CLASP)

Rabia Ferroukhi (International Renewable Energy Agency - IRENA)

Celia García-Baños (IRENA)

Matt Jordan (CLASP)

Arslan Khalid (IRENA)

Ari Reeves (CLASP)

Michael Renner (Worldwatch Institute)

Michael Taylor (IRENA)


Asia and Oceania

Atul Raturi (University of the South Pacific)

Katerina Syngellakis (Global Green Growth Institute)

Alix Willemez (consultant)

Central and Eastern Africa

Rafael Diezmos, Allan Kinuthia (African Solar Designs)

Fabrice Fouodji Toche (Global Village Cameroon)

Joseph Ngwawi (Southern African Research and Documentation Centre – SARDC)


Dennis Akande (ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – ECREEE)

Latin America and Caribbean

Gonzalo Bravo; Lucas Furlano (Fundación Bariloche)

Peter Krenz (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ)

Middle East and North Africa

Tarek Abdul Razek (Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – RCREEE)


Note: Some individuals have contributed in more than one way to this report. To avoid listing contributors multiple times, they have been added to the group where they provided the most information. In most cases, the lead country, regional, and topical contributors also participated in the Global Status Report (GSR) review and validation process.

Afghanistan Ahmad Murtaza Ershad and Hameedullah Zaheb (Kabul University)

Albania Lira Hakani (EDEN Center), Artan Leskoviku (National Agency of Natural Resources), Erlet Shaqe (Albania Energy Association)

Algeria Samy Bouchaib (Centre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables)

Argentina Claudio A. Reineri (Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto), Gastón A. Turturro (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Armenia Levon Vardanyan (Revelle Group)

Australia Veryan Hann (Pitt & Sherry Engineering, University of Tasmania), Dylan McConnell (Melbourne Energy Institute), Ramadas Narayanan (Central Queensland University)

Austria Dagmar Henner (University of Aberdeen)

Azerbaijan Turkay Gasimzade, Rauf Gurbanov, Parvin Mammadzada (State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources)

Bangladesh Syed Ahmed (Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd.)

Belarus Hanna Berazanskaya (Belarusian Heat and Power Institute), Vladimir Zui (Belarusian State University)

Belgium Eros Artuso (ProQuest Consulting Ltd.), Michel Huart (APERe), Dirk Vansintjan (

Bolivia Franklin Molina Ortiz (consultant), Juan Pablo Vargas-Bautista (Private University of Bolivia)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Slađana Božić and Admir Softic (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Eldar Hukić (Regulatory Commission for Energy in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Brazil Jesse Bortoli Cruz (Instituto de Energia e Ambiente, Universidade de São Paulo – IEE/USP); Javier Escobar, Suani Coelho and Maria Beatriz Monteiro (Research Group on Bioenergy/IEE/ University of São Paulo), Camila Ramos (CELA Clean Energy Latin America), Julio Cesar Madureira Silva (Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais)

Burundi Jean-Marie Nibizi (SHINE)

Cambodia Neeraj Joshi (University of Oldenburg)

Canada Michael Paunescu (Natural Resources Canada), Ian Thomson (Advanced Biofuels Canada)

Chile Natalia Osorio (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

China Frank Haugwitz (Asia Europe Clean Energy (Solar) Advisory Co. Ltd.)

Colombia Juan Camilo Gómez Trillos (University of Oldenburg), Javier Rodriguez (consultant)

Costa Rica Mauricio Solano-Peralta (Infratec Ltd.).

Cuba Gina Carrasco

Ecuador Sebastian Espinoza (Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energías Renovables - INER)

Egypt Ahmed Hamza H. Ali (Assiut University), Assem Korayem (RCREEE)

Estonia Erki Ani (Estonian Renewable Energy Association)

France Romain Zissler (Renewable Energy Institute)

Georgia Natalia Jamburia (Ministry of Energy of Georgia), Grigol Jorbenadze (Eco Power), Archil Kokhtashvili (Georgian State Electrosystem), Nato Kurkhuli (Tbilisi City Hall), Murman Margvelashvili (World Experience for Georgia), Maia Tskhvaradze (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia)

Germany Sebastian Hermann (German Environment Agency), Lars Holsten-kamp (Leuphana University of Lüne-burg), Stefanie Seitz (Deutsches Bio-masseforschungszentrum GmbH - DBFZ), Marco Tepper (BSW-Solar e.V.), Daniela Thrän (Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH – UFZ), Marius Weckel (Smart Hydro Power GmbH)

Greece Ioannis Tsipouridis (R.E.D. Pro Consultants)

Haiti Tom Adamson (S. A. Filature et Corderie d'Haiti - SAFICO)

Honduras Zeron Vanessa (University of Oldenburg)

Iceland María Guðmundsdóttir(National Energy Authority of Iceland)

India Raghuraman Chandrasekaran (E-Hands Energy India Private Limited), Kanika Chawla (Council on Energy, Environment and Water), Keshav Jha (ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia - ICLEI SEAS), Neeraj Joshi (University of Oldenburg), Kamlesh Kholiya (Beroe Consulting Pvt. Ltd), Nikhil Kolsepatil (ICLEI SEAS), Saurabh Kwatra (Innovation, Patents Without Borders), Pallav Purohit (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), John Tkacik (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership), Ashish Verma (AMP Solar India)

Indonesia Wanhar Abdurrachim (Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre - APERC)

Iran Niloofar Barekati (University of Tehran), Mohammadhosein Seyyedan (SAMANIR)

Israel Noam Segal (Israel Energy Forum)

Italy Antonello Di Pardo (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici - GSE), Matteo Giacomo Prina (Politecnico di Milano)

Japan Takanobu Aikawa (Renewable Energy Institute), Hironao Matsubara (Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies - ISEP)

Jordan Rabab Saleh (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), Samer Zawaydeh (Association of Energy Engineers)

Kazakhstan Raygul Bulekhbayeva (Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan), Zharas Takenov (consultant)

Kenya Naomi Wagura (African Solar Designs)

Korea, Republic of Seong Hoo Lee (Jeonbuk National University)

Kosovo Ilija Batas Bjelic (University of Belgrade), Noah Kittner (University of California at Berkeley)

Kyrgyzstan Kasymov Gulsara (Research Institute of Energy and Economy), Melisande F. Liu (Center for International Migration / Unison Group)

Lao PDR Noah Kittner (University of California at Berkeley)

Lebanon Sonia Al Zoghoul (RCREEE), Rawad Rizk (RCREEE)

Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Aleksandar Dedinec (Macedonia Academy of Sciences and Arts), Darko Janevski (Winrock International)

Malawi Joss Blamire (Scottish Government on assignment to the Government of Malawi)

Mexico Julio Eisman (Fundación ACCIONA Microenergia), Luis Carlos Gutierrez-Negrin (GEOCONSUL, S.A. de C.V.), Gabriela Hernández-Luna (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos), Eduardo René Narváez (Energy Regulatory Commission), Raúl Tauro (Red Mexicana de Bioenergía)

Moldova, Republic of Ruslan Surugiu (AO Pro-Energy)

Mongolia Myagmardorj Enkhmend (Mongolian Wind Energy Association)

Montenegro Sanja Orlandic (Green Home), Jasna Sekulovic (GIZ)

Morocco El Mostafa Jamea (MENA Renewables and Sustainability – MENARES)

Mozambique Francis Masawi (Energy and Information Logistics (Pvt) Ltd)

Myanmar Simon Bittner (GIZ), Christopher Greacen (Palang Thai), Adriana Karpinska (Pact Myanmar)

Nepal Kushal Gurung (WindPower Nepal)

Netherlands Luuk Beurskens (Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands - ECN), Tineke van der Schoor (Hanze University of Applied Sciences)

Nigeria Adedoyin Adeleke, Ayooluwa Adewole (Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law, University of Ibadan), Sunday Udochukwu Bola Akuru (University of Nigeria), David Davies (Renewable Energy Professional Network, UK), Eseoghene Hobson (University of Oldenburg), Shehu Ibrahim Khaleel (Rendanet), Ekene Ngadaonye (PSC Solar), Eromosele Omomhenle (Dimension Data)

Oman Maimuna Al Farie (Public Authority for Electricity and Water, Oman)

Pakistan Muhammad Haris Akram (Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation), F.H. Mughal (consultant), Kazim Saeed Akhtar (ZTE Corporation Pakistan), Alizeh Saigal (Nizam Energy), Rafi-us Samad (Renewables Unlimited)

Papua New Guinea Mauricio Solano-Peralta (Infratec Ltd.)

Paraguay Fabio Lucantonio (consultant)

Peru Luis Camacho and Alexander Kabalinskiy (APERC), Pedro Flores (Universidad Nacional San Agustin de Arequipa)

Philippines Julie Dulce (Meralco), Marvin Lagonera (ICLEI SEAS), Ferdinand Larona (GIZ)

Poland Izabela Kielichowska (Polish Wind Energy Association)

Portugal João Graça Gomes and Susana Serôdio (Portuguese Renewable Energy Association - APREN), Hugo Santos (INEGI Porto)

Qatar Zeineb Abdmouleh (Qatar University), Faraj Saffouri (Cyprus International University)

Romania Gheorghe Dunca (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa)

Russian Federation Talyat Aliev (Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation), Georgy Ermolenko (University Higher School of Economics)

Saudi Arabia Roue Yussuf (Creative Group International Inc.)

Serbia Ilija Batas Bjelic (University of Belgrade), Predrag Milanovic (Ministry of Mining and Energy)

Singapore Lars Kvale (APX, Inc.)

South Africa Alan Brent (Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies), Arvind Sastry Pidaparthi (Solar Thermal Energy Research Group)

Spain Concha Canovas (Fundacion Renovables), Juan Francisco Martínez-Berganza (Asensio Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving - IDAE)

Suriname Roger Sallent (Inter-American Development Bank - IDB)

Sweden Robert Fischer (Luleå University of Technology)

Switzerland Laura Antonini (Swiss Federal Office of Energy), Ulrich Reiter (TEP Energy GmbH)

Taipei (China) Kuang-Jung Hsu (National Taiwan University)

Tajikistan Timur Valamat-Zade (Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan)

Tanzania Rachel English (Helios Social Enterprise)

Togo Sossouga Dosse (Amis des Etrangers au Togo - ADET)

Turkey Tulin Keskin (Yeşil Güç Energy and Environment Consultancy)

Turkmenistan Rustam Bekmuradov (consultant)

Ukraine Andriy Konechenkov (Ukrainian Wind Energy Association), Galyna Trypolska (Institute for Economics and Forecasting, Ukraine National Academy of Science), Juliia Usenko (All-Ukrainian Sustainable Development and Investment Agency)

United Kingdom Frank Aaskov (Renewable Energy Association, UK), Dagmar Henner (University of Aberdeen)

United States Robert Sandoli (US Department of Energy)

Uruguay Gabriela Horta and Wilson Sierra (Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining)

Uzbekistan Nizomiddin Rakhmanov (Tashkent State Technical University), Bakhtiyar Sadriddinov (IKS Company)

Vietnam Linh Dan Nguyen (APERC), Stefan Salow (GIZ)

Zambia Peter Cattelaens (GIZ Zambia)

Zimbabwe Nithin Jacob Cherian (University of Oldenburg), Zvirevo Chisadza (International Institute of Engineers), Apoorva Satpathy (University of Oldenburg)


Bioenergy Kjell Andersson (Svebio), Helena Chum (NREL), Gabriela Cretu (Energy Community), Patrick Lamers (Idaho National Laboratory), Tami Sandberg (NREL)

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Luis Crespo (European Solar Thermal Electricity Association), Frederick H. Morse (Morse Associates)

Distributed Renewable Energy for Energy Access Marcel Alers (United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Global Energy Team), Kirstin Bretthauer (GIZ), Miguel Chamochín (Energias sin Fronteras), Toby Couture (E3 Analytics), Alex Doukas (Oil Change International), Yasemin Erboy (UN Foundation), Cecilia Flatley (Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves – GACC), David Fullbrook (DNV-GL), Stephan Gnos (REPIC), Sebastian Groh (SOLshare), Felix Heegde (SNV Netherlands Development Organisation), Christoph Henrich (UNDP Global Energy Team), Caitlyn Hughes (Solar Cookers International), Bozhil Kondev (GIZ), Anna Leidreiter (World Future Council), Niemetz Martin (Sustainable Energy for All – SEforALL), Angela Mastronardi (REPIC), Magdalena Muir (University of Calgary), Stefan Nowak (REPIC), Dorothea Otremba (GIZ), Carlos Rubén Pascual Guzmán (SINTEF), Bahareh Seyedi (UNDP Global Energy Team), Scott Sklar (The Stella Group Ltd.), SteamaCo, Yusuf Suleiman (Blue Camel Energy Limited), Laura Sundblad (Global Off-Grid Lighting Association – GOGLA), Thomas Walter (Easy Smart Grid GmbH)

Electric Vehicles Jose Pontes (EV Volumes)

Energy Efficiency Tyler Bryant, David Morgado (International Energy Agency – IEA)

Feature David Infield (University of Strathclyde), Aaron Leopold (Power for All)

Geothermal Power and Heat Philippe Dumas (European Geothermal Energy Council - EGEC), John Lund (consultant)

Global Overview Heymi Bahar (IEA), Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes (European Renewable Energies Federation), Ernesto Macías Galan (Solarwatt), Ryan Wiser (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Heating and Cooling Inés Arias Iglesias and Dana Popp (Euroheat), Ute Collier (IEA), Miika Rämä (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), Gerhard Stryi-Hipp (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems)

Hydropower / Ocean Energy Nathalie Almonacid (Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center), Josh Klemm (International Rivers), Ana Brito e Melo (WavEC), Mathis Rogner and Richard Taylor (International Hydropower Association)

Investment Christine Gruening and Karol Kempa (United Nations Environment Programme – Frankfurt School), Angus McCrone (Bloomberg New Energy Finance)

Policy Landscape Chris Beaton and Richard Bridle (International Institute for Sustainable Development - IISD), Marie-Laetitia Gourdin (Ecopreneurs for the Climate), Lourdes Sanchez (IISD), Jørgen Villy Fenhann (Technical University of Denmark)

Power Zuzana Dobrotkova (World Bank), Jelte Harnmeijer (Scene Consulting), Anna Leidreiter (World Future Council), Eric O’Shaughnessy (NREL), Gevorg Sargsyan (World Bank), Holger Schneidewindt (Consumer Association of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Solar PV Thomas Döring (SolarPower Europe), GTM Research, Denis Lenardič (pvresources), Philippe Macé (Becquerel Institute), Gaëtan Masson (Becquerel Institute and IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme), Andrés Pinto-Bello Gomez (SolarPower Europe), Dave Renné (International Solar Energy Society), Michael Schmela (SolarPower Europe)

Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling Hongzhi Cheng (Shandong SunVision Management Consulting), Jan-Olof Dalenbäck (Chalmers University of Technology), Pedro Dias (European Solar Thermal Industry Federation), Uli Jakob (Green Chiller Verband für Sorptionskälte e.V.), Daniel Mugnier (Tescol), Monika Spörk-Dür and Werner Weiss (AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies – AEE INTEC)

Storage Jake Bartell and Cedric Christensen (Strategen Consulting); Simon Currie, Rachel Dawes, Kathryn Emmett and Matthijs van Leeuwen (Norton Rose Fulbright)

Transport Heather Allen (Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport - SLoCaT), Robert Boyd (International Air Transport Association), Gabriel Castanares Hernandez (International Union of Railways - UIC), Nick Craven (UIC), Paul Gilbert (University of Manchester), Cornie Huizenga (SLoCaT)

Wind Power American Wind Energy Association, Stefan Gsänger (World Wind Energy Association - WWEA), Aloys Nghiem (WindEurope), Shi Pengfei (Chinese Wind Energy Association - CWEA), Jean-Daniel Pitteloud (WWEA), Steve Sawyer and Shruti Shukla (Global Wind Energy Council), Feng Zhao (FTI Consulting)


Jordi Abadal Colomina (IDB), Diego Acevedo (Bluerise), Emmanuel Ackom (Denmark Technical University), Max Ahman (Lund University), Klibi Amira (Organisation de l’Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie), Rachel Andalaft (REA Consult), Doug Arendt (NREL), Jennifer Baca (Solmex), Manjola Banja (European Commission), Alexander Batteiger (TU Berlin), Raffaella Bellanca (consultant), Nikolay Belyakov (Hilti), Luca Benedetti (GSE), Ron Benioff (NREL), Miguel Ángel Benítez Torreblanca (National Autonomous University of Mexico), Anna L. Berka (Scene Connect), Peter Bickel (Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg - ZSW), Rina Bohle Zeller (Vestas), Jan Borchgrevink (Nordteco), Roman Buss (Renewables Academy - RENAC), Mark Bretherton (Clean Energy Council), Catherina Cader (Reiner Lemoine Institut), Concha Canovas del Castillo (Fundación Renovables), Valeria Cantello (Energrid), Emmanuel Chimamkpam (Vibratricity Inc., GACC), Kung-Ming Chung (National Cheng Kung University), Piero De Bonis (European Commission), Krystyna Dawson (BSRIA), Bruno Deremince (European Biogas Association), Johanna Diecker (GOGLA), Paul Donohoo-Vallett (US Department of Energy), Pieter Eikelenboom (Axiturn), David Ferrari (Sustainability Victoria), Ezequiel Ferrer (SolarPACES), Daniel Garcia (Fabricantes Mexicanos en las Energías Renovables A.C. - FAMERAC), João Genésio de Almeida Filho (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil), Christian Gertig (consultant), Marlen Görner (GIZ), Rakesh Goyal (Tetra Tech), Matthew Gravatt (Sierra Club), Ken Guthrie (Sustainable Energy Transformation Pty Ltd), Abiola Hammed (Centre for Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law), Edgar Hernan Cruz Martinez (SQ Consult B.V.), Harald Hirschhofer (The Currency Exchange Fund), Birte Holst Jørgensen (Technical University of Denmark), Christian Holter (S.O.L.I.D.), Andrei Ilas (IRENA), Jacob Irving (Canadian Hydropower Association), Arnulf Jaeger-Waldau (European Commission, Joint Research Centre (EC JRC), Berend Jan Kleute (Delft University of Technology), Rod Janssen (Energy In Demand), Ranndolf Javier (AC Energy Development Co., Inc.), Rashmi Jawahar Ganesh (UN Environment), He Jieying (CWEA), Patrick Jochem (Institute for Industrial Production), Ruud Kempener (European Commission), Izabela Kielichowska (Polish Wind Energy Association), Wim Jonker Klunne (Energy & Environment Partnership), Aris Karcanias (FTI Consulting), John Keane (GOGLA), Binod Prasad Koirala (TU Delft), Karin Kritzinger (Stellenbosch University), Arun Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee), Bikash Kumar Sahu (Gandhi Institute for Education and Technology), Sigrid Kusch (University of Padua), Oliver Lah (Wuppertal Institute), Benoît Lebot (International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation), Debora Ley (Latinoamérica Renovable), Gustavo Luis de Souza Motta (Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil), Detlef Loy (Loy Energy Consulting), Jaideep Malaviya (Solar Thermal Federation of India), Ana Marques (ICLEI), Romain Mauger (North West University), Marcelo Mesquita (ABRASOL), Simon Müller (IEA), Julia Münch (Fachverband Biogas e.V.), Frederico Musazzi (Anima), Om Prakash Nangia (New Era Solar Solutions), Les Nelson (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials), Jan Erik Nielsen (PlanEnergi), Dorothea Otremba (GIZ), Binu Parthan (Sustainable Energy Associates), Karl Peet (SLoCaT), Josep Puig (Eurosolar Spain), Randy Rakhmadi (Climate Policy Initiative), Anjali Ramakrishna (Council on Energy, Environment and Water), Robert Rapier (consultant), Shirin Reuvers (Driving Sustainable Economies - CDP), Christoph Richter (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. - DLR), Wilson Rickerson (Rickerson Energy), Roberto Román (University of Chile), Heather Rosmarin (InterAmerican Clean Energy Institute), Jo Rowbotham (Tewhiti), Kumiko Saito (Solar System Development Association), Kaare Sandholt (China National Renewable Energy Centre), Burkhard Sanner (EGEC), Michael Schimpe (Technical University of Munich), Miguel Schloss (Surinvest Ltd.), Stephanie Searle (International Council on Clean Transportation), Smail Semaoui (Renewable Energy Development Center Algeria), Eder Semedo (ECREEE), Lovemore Seveni (US Agency for International Development - USAID), Eli Shilten (Elson), Tejas P Shinde (ICLEI), Galyna Shmidt (Ukranian Wind Energy Association), Ruth Shortall (EC JRC), Ralph Sims (Massey University College of Sciences), Anoop Singh (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur), Yogesh Singh (National Institute of Solar Energy India), Emilio Soberón Bravo (Mexico Low Emission Development Program (MLED-II) of USAID), Karla Solis (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), Janusz Starościk (Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Heating Appliances - SPIUG), David Stickelberger (Swissolar), Geoff Stiles (Carbon Impact Consultants), Paul Suding (elsud), Emaan Tabet (Qatar Foundation), Cecilia Tam (APERC), Pierre Telep (GIZ), Marco Tepper (BSW-Solar), Sven Teske (University of Technology Sydney), Tony Tiyou (O'wango & TT Smart, UK), Ralph Torrie (Torrie Smith Associates), Lana Tran (California Public Utilities Commission), Costas Travasaros (Greek Solar Industry Association - EBHE), Daniel Trier (PlanEnergi), Ramiro Juan Trujillo Blanco (TRANSTECH), Maloba Tshehla (GreenCape), Kutay Ulke (Bural Heating), James Vandeputte (US Department of Energy), Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho (IDB), Olola Vieyra Mifsud (consultant), Thibaud Voïta (SEforALL), René Vossenaar (consultant), Brian Walker (US Department of Energy), Frank Wilkins (CSP Alliance), Susie Wheeldon (GOGLA), William Wills (EOS Environmental), Qiaoqiao Xu (ICLEI East Asia), Dai Yanjun (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Komali Yenneti (Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Irfan Yousuf (Alternative Energy Development Board of Pakistan), Sufang Zhang (North China Electric Power University), Gaetano Zizzo (Università di Palermo).


Eric Martinot (ISEP)