EU Sustainable Energy Week | Net Zero Cities: Transforming Cities In Europe With Renewable Energy

Net Zero Cities: Transforming Cities In Europe With Renewable Energy

Monday 11 October 2021

This REN21 side event, held during the EU Sustainable Energy Week, looked at the key barriers and opportunities in the region to scale up renewables. Regional experts discussed the need to scale up investment, as well as build adequate policy frameworks and multi-level frameworks which are embedded in larger strategies to help transforming cities with renewables.

The focus of the event was on an interactive exchange of perspectives, with input from the audience via Q&A and an participatory word cloud to capture participants’ thinking around renewables in cities.

This session was part of the Extended Programme of side events prior to the Policy Conferences held during EU Sustainable Energy Week (25-29 October).


Watch the video re-play

The video of the event is available to watch here.


City governments across Europe have taken action advancing energy and climate issues. In the last years the engagement of city governments continued to grow, driven by air pollution concerns and public pressure: Cities in the region are global front-runners in setting renewable energy and net-zero targets. They are at a critical juncture to leverage momentum to reduce energy demand and further develop and scale up more sustainable energy solutions, using the region’s rich renewable energy sources. 

In the Renewables in Cities 2021 Global Status Report, you can read more about renewables in European cities or view the downloadable material on the Renewables in Cities webpage.