DIREC 2010

The Delhi International Renewable Energy Conference (DIREC 2010) took place from 27-29 October 2010, in New Delhi, India. It was the 4th IREC since the “renewables2004” in Bonn, Beijing 2005 and Washington 2008, and it continues to be the highest-level political conference series dedicated to renewable energy policy worldwide.

The president of India, Pratibha Devinsingh Patil officially opened the Delhi Conference, which convened over 13,000 delegates from 70 industrial and developing countries worldwide, with over half at ministerial level. The Political Declaration reinforces the political momentum for the deployment of Renewable Energies (RE) worldwide. As such, DIREC sent an important signal for the global mainstreaming of renewables and highlighted the significant role of renewable energy in advancing access to energy and economic development– despite the global financial crises. Also in view of the upcoming climate debate in Cancun later in the year, the role of RE as core element for low-carbon, sustainable energy supply was again confirmed at DIREC.

Parallel workshops were also hosted on various issues including: solar power, solar water heating systems; wind energy; biofuels, smart grid technology; and clean lighting options. In addition, a renewable energy trade expo with over 600 exhibitors showcased the latest technology.

During DIREC 2010, strong pledges were announced by the Government of India (6), Germany (4), Norway (2), and Switzerland (1). Local Governments in Japan lead the way with pledges from the government of Tokyo (1) and Yokohama(1). 10 pledges were made by the private sector representing India (9), Bangladesh (1) and Nigeria (1).  7 pledges were made by non-profit organizations representing India (such as the Indian Institute of Technology, World Vision India,Himalayan Water Service), Canada (Canadian Renewable Energy Alliance), West Africa (ECOWAS Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) and Europe (European Renewable Energy Council).

Conference Programme