COVID-19 Renewables Hub

Resilience in the COVID-19 Pandemic:
Resources for the Renewable Energy Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the economy upside down, and the renewable energy sector is no exception. The REN21 community has been particularly active in providing information, analysis and responses. To help your work in these difficult times, you will find here a collection of resources centred around 4 themes.

Under each theme are different topics. Click on a topic and you will get a summary of what is happening. Want to read the original source? Use this spreadsheet to find the organisation’s name and links to all the material produced for that theme.

Besides written communication, you will find video messages and TV interviews. There are also surveys and factbooks. More resources include COVID portals, petitions and information packs.

Feel free to use these materials for your own purposes, but please remember to reference the original source.

I.  Impact of COVID-19 on the energy sector

The demand for energy has fallen

There has been a significant drop in carbon emissions

There is now a larger share of renewables in the electricity mix

Fossil fuels were already on the way out, and COVID-19 has accelerated this

COVID-19 is disrupting renewable energy projects

More financial and technical assistance needed for Distributed Renewables for Energy Access companies

Fossil fuel companies are taking advantage of the situation to look for bailouts and roll back environmental/climate regulation

II.  Opportunities for renewables

Now is the time to decarbonise our economies and transform our energy systems

COVID-19 shows us how vulnerable our economy is to global shocks, and exposes who is most vulnerable

The renewable energy community needs to come together during this time

III.  Health benefits of a renewable-based economy

Tackling climate change and global health risks go hand in hand

Renewables are vital in both pandemic preparedness and response

IV.  Guidance for governments

Need for government support and clear guidelines to reduce investment uncertainty

Need for renewable energy support to be integrated in stimulus packages

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