RENdez-vous Global: our collective push around COP28 for a Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Target

COP28 was expected to be a historic moment for renewable energy and energy efficiency. For the first time in the history of climate talks, we witnessed heightened momentum around renewables and serious intent by governments to set a global renewable energy target.  REN21 organised a Global RENdez-vous series to bring clarity around this target, create space to exchange perspectives, and build support because of its potential to send positive signals to markets and investors and stimulate faster deployment and uptake of renewable energy. The events were both in virtual and in-person formats. Please find the event replay below and join us for the upcoming sessions.

Global RENdez-vous Session 1: What is a global RE & EE target and why is it important?

30 October 2023 – The session focused on driving awareness of the global renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) target. Delved into the historical context, the event gathered experts and policymakers to provide context on the ‘why’ and ‘what’ behind the Target, harnessing political momentum around renewables.

In preparation for COP28, REN21 leveraged strategic intelligence tools to provide valuable insights on how renewables, fossil fuels, fossil gas, hydrogen, and nuclear are being talked about in the lead-up to COP28. The brief includes information on the latest emerging debates and highlights involving these topics, some significant outcomes that are foreseen from COP28, countries where discussions around renewables and fossil fuels are emerging, and the most mentioned stakeholders. The brief offers both a global overview of the matter as well as regional focuses (North America, Central & South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and APAC).

Download the pre-COP28 Strategic Intelligence Brief here.

Global RENdez-vous Session 2: Our collective push for the global renewable energy & energy efficiency target

15 November 2023 – The session brought together speakers from diverse sectors with extensive community mobilisation experience to discuss how to harness the power of our community in the lead-up to COP28, calling for an inclusive, robust renewable energy and energy efficiency target.

Global RENdez-vous Session 3: Post COP28: Shaping the Way Forward to Achieve the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Target

24 January 2024 – Building on the outcome of COP28, the final event of the series focused on the way forward to collectively build on the successful outcomes during COP28 and move from “target to implementation“. The announcement of a global renewable energy and energy efficiency target was a crucial step for the energy transition, but global targets need to be adapted into national and subnational plans in accordance with countries‘ economic and societal realities for an equitable systemic transformation.

After COP28, REN21 produced a brief that outlines the main highlights, media trends, and debates gathered from tracking coverage during and after the climate conference in Dubai. The data analysis includes specific issues around renewables vs. other energy sources, as well as keywords that stood out from COP28 across regions and sectors.

Download post-COP28 Strategic Intelligence Brief here.

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