Australia Joins REN21 as a Network Member in Support of the Global Renewable Energy Transition

We are pleased to welcome the Commonwealth of Australia as a new member of REN21. As a key player in the global renewable energy sphere, Australia is determined to accelerate the global energy transition to renewables by becoming part of REN21’s multistakeholder network. 

The world’s climate emergency is Australia’s jobs opportunity,” highlighted Chris Bowen, the country’s Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy. “As a new member of REN21, we will work to strengthen our international trade partnerships and demonstrate our potential as a renewable energy superpower. Australia’s renewed climate leadership is critical to unlocking the investment opportunities of a global net zero economy, and we look forward to collaborating through REN21 to accelerate global renewables development, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region.”  

In April 2024, Australia will be the host country of REN21’s flagship International Renewable Energy Conference (IREC) 2024 to be held in Adelaide, South Australia on 8-12 April, 2024. By gathering thousands of participants from diverse sectors, the event will be a unique opportunity to showcase real-world examples of the path toward a renewable energy future. 

The wide use of renewable energy in Australia has resulted in lower national greenhouse gas emissions. At the international level, it provides a valuable example for other countries seeking to decarbonise their economies through renewable energy sources. Australia’s vast resources and growing manufacturing capacity have created an unprecedented opportunity for the country to become a global leader in the clean energy supply chain. With REN21’s global approach, we will leverage Australia’s example for other regions that wish to advance the renewable energy transition. 

At the national level, Australia’s renewables deployment has had a positive outlook thanks to the success of rooftop solar, ambitious renewable energy targets, and increased investments at the federal and state levels. Australia has the highest solar penetration in the world, with three million Australian households, the equivalent of one in three, having solar PV installations, accounting for 17 gigawatts of capacity. 

With its abundance of natural resources, strong policy action, and cutting-edge research and development, Australia is well-positioned to spearhead the global transition to renewable energy. 

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