Africa Climate Week | Renewable Energy for Urban Climate Resiliency in Africa

Renewable Energy for Urban Climate Resiliency in Africa

Wednesday 29 September 2021

This REN21 side event, held during the Africa Climate Week, focused on how African cities are transforming themselves with renewables and expanding energy access, and in turn are creating healthier and more liveable urban environments. Regional experts discussed how cities can increase their climate ambition and action, contribute to local and national decarbonisation and (sustainable) development goals and set out on the pathway to achieve net-zero.

The interventions looked at the current actions in African cities, key barriers and opportunities to scale up renewables, including the need for investment, building adequate policy frameworks and multi-level frameworks which are embedded in larger national strategies. Discussion focused on exchanging approaches and identifying challenges and sharing action so we can collectively move forward on the energy transition in cities.


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The video of the event is available to watch here.


From solar roofs to electric public transport, city governments across Sub-Saharan Africa have taken action advancing renewables and tackling climate issues. With rapid population growth and urbanisation, as well as rising energy demand, cities across the region have increasingly recognised the potential of renewable energy use, including to increase energy access and fight (energy) poverty.

While city governments play a key role in shaping the region’s energy landscape – including advancing efforts to meet national decarbonisation goals – constraints persist. There is a need to link national and sub-national efforts to ensure that these commitments help create a cohesive, just, inclusive and resilient energy system.

In the Renewables in Cities 2021 Global Status Report, you can read more about renewables in cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Jump straight to the feature chapter on cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Or, view the downloadable material on the Renewables in Cities webpage.