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Meet up with us at one of the following events where REN21 will be participating.

19 February 2020
  • Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place

    19 February 2020  09:00 - 18:00

    Let's meet in Brussels, Belgium

    The Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place showcases successful projects on financing climate adaptation, energy efficiency, clean mobility and innovative energy planning, as well as initiatives working across Europe to facilitate the market for climate and sustainable energy finance. 

    The event is organised by the European Commission's Directorates-General for Energy and Climate Action and the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors. You can find the event agenda and more information here

    We will have a booth at the event. Please come by and pick up a Renewables in Cities Report!

    Contact us at secretariat@ren21.net.


25 February 2020
  • Decarb Cities Conference

    25 February 2020

    Let's meet in Vienna, Austria

    An increasing share of humans live in cities. This trend requires no-pollution solutions to maintain local air quality, reduce the effect of heat islands and provide the fair share of cities in the fight against climate change.

    DecarbCities forum will address this challenge and will present technical and organizational solutions to cities, in particular when it comes to the replacement of existing fossil combustion technology using polluting fuels such as coal, oil and gas. The location of the conference, Vienna, is particularly suited to connect eastern and western cities, discussing which solutions are applicable to the specificities of the East European building stock.

    The program will include high-level discussions on urban planning and development, European energy policies, and on the capabilities and future application of urban energy systems.

    REN21's Duncan Gibb will take part in the policy debate "What do we need from the European Union?" 

    More information here.

    Contact us at secretariat@ren21.net.


4 March 2020
  • EPEE Policy Breakfast

    4 March 2020  08:00 - 09:45

    Let's meet in Brussels, Belgium

    Heating and cooling represent half of the EU’s final energy consumption. The demand for cooling is expected to grow significantly over the coming decades as a result of a warming climate combined with major trends such as urbanisation, digitalisation and an increasing focus on health, comfort and well-being.

    If no appropriate action is taken, this will lead to increasing energy consumption and emissions. Technologies are ready to address this challenge but have not been deployed yet on a broad scale.

    To address barriers and raise awareness on the potential of cooling as an enabler for carbon neutrality based on the three important pillars of energy efficiency, renewables energies and system integration, EPEE will launch a broader #CountOnCooling campaign.

    The EPEE White Paper “Count on Cooling: A five-step approach to deliver sustainable cooling” examines the crucial role of cooling in the 21st century.

    REN21 Executive Secretary Rana Adib will deliver an intervention from 8:55-9:10.

    Contact us at secretariat@ren21.net.


23 March 2020
  • Chatham House- Energy Transitions 2020 Conference

    23 March 2020

    Let's meet in London, UK

    The fifth annual Chatham House Energy Transitions conference comes at a critical time for climate and energy politics, and will focus on solutions, examining different pathways actors can pursue to effectively channel the transition to deliver a sustainable, secure, affordable and inclusive future energy system. 

    REN21 Executive Secretary Rana Adib will be a speaker for session four, ‘Managing the Politics of the Transition: Barriers and Opportunities’. More info here

    Contact us at secretariat@ren21.net.


23 April 2020
  • Nordic EV Summit 2020 - Entering the Electric Era

    23 April 2020 - 24 April 2020  

    Let's meet in Oslo, Norway

    The Nordic EV Summit is a joint effort of the Norwegian EV Association, the leading Norwegian tech magazine Teknisk ukeblad, Nordic Energy Research and SAMS Norway. The Summit gathers policymakers, representatives from industry, relevant research communities and NGOs. In 2019, more than 950 delegates from 40 countries took part in the conference.

    REN21 Executive Secretary Rana Adib will deliver a keynote speech on the future of the EV industry and renewable energy solutions.

    More information can be found here

    Contact us at secretariat@ren21.net.


16 October 2020
  • 2nd International Sustainable Energy Conference - ISEC 2020

    16 October 2020

    Let's meet in Graz, Austria

    The 2nd international Sustainable Energy Conference is a promoter of innovative ideas in the renewable energy and energy efficiency space. This year's ISEC 2020 focuses on Renewable Heating and Cooling in Integrated Urban and Industrial Energy Systems.

    REN21 will present a keynote lecture on October 16 to present the findings of our Renewables in Cities (REC) report. Stay tuned for details!

    Contact us at secretariat@ren21.net.